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    Re: want to upgrade 12.04 to 14.04 directly

    sudo apt-get update

    sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

    have you tried this? It's quiet elementary but it might work. If not, then you might just have to upgrade via iso file

    someone might have to...
  2. Re: Installing shadowgrounds.iso on Ubuntu 13.10

    Hi. And thanks for helping out again.
    First, this is where it is going to get a bit confusing for me if I try to run it on the external hard-drive.

    Should I begin a

    sudo mkdir /media/loop...
  3. Re: Installing shadowgrounds.iso on Ubuntu 13.10

    frankenstein@frankenstein-desktop:/media/frankenstein/T_Drive_Alternate_Storage_B/Gaming$ md5sum 7c9913f754168742973edfeb66ba8f1c
    817.5 MB...
  4. [SOLVED] Re: Deleted ubuntu partition - Grub error and no o/s boot

    My apologies Ace. I did not read all of your post in it's entirety. I thought that I had read that you weren't able to access Ubuntu and hence lost GRUB. As evident, you lost more than GRUB. Please...
  5. [SOLVED] Re: Deleted ubuntu partition - Grub error and no o/s boot

    This is what is best to do if you want a return of GRUB. It is an easy fix if you can spare approx 10 mins or so after you have all your provided softwares. (1) Install Ubuntu-Remix. You can do so...
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    Re: Help me please!

    Might I also kindly suggest a proper thread title as the one that you have is quite frustrating to others who peruse the forums to find a way to help others and come across thread titles that...
  7. Re: Installing shadowgrounds.iso on Ubuntu 13.10

    bump again, please. Still looking for help on this issue
  8. [ubuntu] Re: screen flicker - graphics card problem - absolute beginner - help appreciated :-)

    Doing away with Windows?! Good for you! The more Linux, the merrier. I did away with Windows too and am using 4 Linux/Gnu Distros on a quad-boot system. I couldn't be happier to never see the...
  9. [ubuntu] Re: absolute beginner - help appreciated :-)

    lspci -v
    lspci -v | less This might also help
    lshw -short | grep -i --color display . also, would you mind editing your post's title so as to make it more relevant. having a title...
  10. [ubuntu] Re: my partitions are a mess how can i tidy and allocate?

    I agree. If, and only if you really wanted to go ahead and redo all your partitions (even though it's not necessary) you could via gparted or by using the ubuntu-remix cd, repartition your entire...
  11. [ubuntu] Re: my partitions are a mess how can i tidy and allocate?

    Hi. Firstly, you do NOT need to flash your BIOS just because your fan isn't working. That's an internal hardware thing. You would need to bring it to a computer tech and he will either install a new...
  12. Re: Installing shadowgrounds.iso on Ubuntu 13.10

    Bump. Hi. Is there anyone that might have an answer to my initial interest in having this resolved?
  13. Re: Installing shadowgrounds.iso on Ubuntu 13.10

    I haven't done that but what I've done instead is mount the .iso file on Ubuntu's virtual disk mount and it basically comes out as the same thing. I can even copy/paste that same
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    Re: Dragon Fin Soup - Tactical Roguelike RPG

    Hi Ash. Is your new indie game cross platform for Linux? I went to the weblink and I didn't see anything there. Unless of course it's just not stated and hence my not seeing that information.
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    Re: will finally support Linux!

    That's about time. More and more gaming companies/sites are finally realizing how big the Linux community is.
  16. Installing shadowgrounds.iso on Ubuntu 13.10

    Hi. I have done a quick search on the gaming sub-forums to see if there are similar problems that have been encountered previously with installing the Linux version of shadowgrounds. But unless I...
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    Re: Best and Worst Linux Distros of 2013

    Yes, it is possible to triple-boot without Windows. I have 5 linux distros on my hard drive. I could have kept my prior Windows install but I wanted to completely remove myself from Windows and some...
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    Re: money alone dosent make u

    Ubuntu alone? Nope. I disagree. I have a 5 operating system configuration on my hard drive. All Linux. Before, I had Windows and Ubuntu. Got rid of Windows and kept Ubuntu. Decided to install...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Wireless won't connect in Ubuntu 13.10

    Hi and welcome. What you might need to do is put the output of your wireless information from this link here to your post. This way, the people that...
  20. [UbuntuGnome] Re: Black background in Activities overview screen

    can you give a screenshot?
  21. Poll: Re: If you were an office migrating from XP, would you rather deploy Ubuntu LTS or R

    With respect to learning curves when migrating from one OS to another OS (compared to RHEL), in my opinion I would have to suggst Ubuntu.
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    [ubuntu] Re: Slow wifi start-up

    Hi again, Varun. So I have set up the wifi for the router as per your suggestions and am going to enable the wifi to start up on boot up again. I have tested the start up of wifi upon boot twice...
  23. [ubuntu] Re: Deleted Ubuntu partition and now it wont boot

    Yes you can use the rescatux cd or the ubuntu remix to load up your mbr again. You use those via usb. Go to Pendrive Linux, download version (latest version) and download/install either...
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    Re: Installing Ubuntu on HP Chromebook 14

    I am none too sure as have never tried before but does some of the information at this link help?

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    Re: no wifi in ubuntu 12.04

    HI. Am no expert at getting your wifi situation resolved but you might want to output ( in code tags) here in your thread, all the info about your wifi, network, etc, that is posted at this link...
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