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  1. [ubuntu] Re: i want to uninstall ubuntu 9.10 from my system

    OK so when you set the boot order to CD first and reboot, the system still boots off the hard disk.

    When you go to the BIOS setup AGAIN after this, is the CD set as 1st boot device or not? If...
  2. [ubuntu] Re: Big big problem for a newbie: I cannot install or upgrade new software in Ubuntu

    Correct, the 10.x.y.z range is for private (internal) networks. You may also want to check your /etc/resolv.conf file to make sure you're not forcing the system to look for the Ubuntu servers on an...
  3. [ubuntu] Re: Boinc runs; Ran update manager; Boinc won't connect

    I think that asking in the Boinc forums would be a better idea...

    Having said this, if you're running the 64 bit version of Ubuntu you might have to install the 32 bit library support.
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    [SOLVED] Re: Memory card trouble

    Make sure the slider on the memory card is not in the "write protect" position

    Also, maybe you just yanked out the card from the original computer - try plugging it in the originañl computer again...
  5. [ubuntu] Re: Strage internet behavior happening on both linux laptop and windows desktop

    If this happens both in Ubuntu and Windows it's obviously not a problem of the operating systems.

    I'd check carefully your wireless access point (router). Have you reconfigured it after purchase?...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Can't copy file to usb stick

    It looks like you are trying to write to a USB SD card reader.

    If this is so, make sure that the SD card is not write protected (it has a small slider on one of the sides to enable and disable...
  7. [SOLVED] Re: OMG Please Help! Windows broke 2 computers during install!!! Need Ubuntu back!!

    Also some BIOSes will not work with USB keyboards (most keyboards are USB these days). If your keyboard is USB (rectangular wide flat connector) get a keyboard with a PS/2 plug (small round green...
  8. [SOLVED] Re: OMG Please Help! Windows broke 2 computers during install!!! Need Ubuntu back!!

    There are several things you may want to do in order to help us help you:

    - The exact make & model of your computer(s). If not available (i.e. if it's not a brand-name system but rather put...
  9. [ubuntu] Re: default synaptic manager too slow.. need a download accelerator cum manager

    Sure, here you go

    However, by the time you find the package you want Synaptic would've probably already found it and its dependencies and downloaded and installed the lot.
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    [ubuntu] Re: Freeze on boot scsi generic

    I'd check SCSI termination to make sure both ends of the SCSI chain are properly terminated. If the termination is not properly done it may cause this kind of behaviour.

    Also check if the system...
  11. [ubuntu] Re: Como le saco el sonido de inicio al lucid lynx?

    Compadre, no le puedo ayudar porque estoy en la pega, pero le puedo sugerir que vaya a y vea si le pueden ayudar ahí

    Saludos de Santiago
  12. [SOLVED] Re: Windows on internal drive, Ubuntu on external

    What I did was something like this:
    Connect external drive
    Boot live CD
    Install to external HD (VERY carfully since both internal and external are the same size).
    # This is the critical part #...
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    [SOLVED] Re: completely formating one hard disk

    It takes a LONG time. Long as in overnight, or more if it is a big disk.

    You are writing a full disk's worth of random data, after all.

    Edit: Here are some more details and alternatives.
  14. [ubuntu] Re: Just Installed Ubuntu: Critical Error ---> Power Supply Smoking!

    I can think of no way that any OS could burn out the power supply. It was probably faulty.

    The slowdown that you experienced could have been caused by the same condition, either through improper...
  15. [ubuntu] Re: Ubuntu on USB HDD - Boots on one Computer, not the other

    I'm sorry if this has been mentioned - I skipped over the 6 pages of technical stuff - but if you want to boot the same system on different computers why don't you set up a Live image on the external...
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    [SOLVED] Re: completely formating one hard disk

    As I said, any data on a disk erased by Darik's Boot 'n' Nuke is not recoverable.

    You could also boot from any Linux live CD, open a terminal and type

    dd if=/dev/urandom of=/dev/sda

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    [SOLVED] Re: completely formating one hard disk

    Darik's Boot 'n' Nuke:

    Caution: Use with extreme care. Any data wiped with dban is unrecoverable.
  18. [all variants] Re: Howto: Fix ttf-mscorefonts-installer Problems in Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala

    I recently replied to a similar problem here.

    The problem is that in some configurations (usually involving wireless routers) there is a considerable time delay until Ubuntu manages to contact the...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Can't install MS core fonts

    The solution you point to will only patch over this specific symptom of a more pervasive problem that Ubuntu has - the lack of a local, persistent DNS cache. This is why wget times out in the first...
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    [kubuntu] Re: Time server sync not working

    OK, I got home and I checked. Time sync does work but the settings return to default after closing the date & Time screen. At least it leaves me with the correct time :-)
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    [kubuntu] Re: Time server sync not working

    The problem that I have is that I'm not sure what packages I need for NTP sync support.

    I tried

    sudo apt-get install ntp
    but it didn't seem to help. I'm not at my PC right now so I can't...
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    [kubuntu] Time server sync not working

    I installed Kubuntu Karmic on a Fujitsu-Siemens AmiloPro notebook

    When I try to set up time synchronization with an NTP server using the Contol Center it does not seem to work. I enable the time...
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    Interesting Windows Server error

    The place where I work is a Windows-only place. Although I'm not in charge of the servers, it is usual for me to get warning mails from the server monitoring software whenever something goes wrong. ...
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    Re: Scary Windows 7 DRM uncovered

    Heh, this place is looking more like /. every day. Nobody reads TFA any more :p

    First, I couldn't find a link to the original story (if there is any) for more information, so I'm limited to what...
  25. [all variants] Re: Windows virus affecting Linux partition?

    After seeing this sentence I'm 99% certain it's a hoax.

    Please look here, here, here or here (there are hundreds of websites dealing with the hoax plague a quick google search away) to make sure...
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