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  1. [SOLVED] Re: Script won't run from cron - tried everything

    Oh right, that is unnecessary, I was testing something earlier and forgot to change it back :redface:
  2. [SOLVED] Re: Script won't run from cron - tried everything

    YES got the script working! Here is the final script, I've left the cpufreq-set lines in there but commented out:

    #! /bin/sh


    # set temp above which to drop the maximum...
  3. [SOLVED] Re: Script won't run from cron - tried everything

    Alright, getting somewhere! Here's what I got from the log file:

    [: 20: -lt: unexpected operator
    [: 27: -gt: unexpected operator
    So CPUtemp isn't being set (if I run the script...
  4. [SOLVED] Re: Script won't run from cron - tried everything

    Tried another version that sets the frequencies using echo instead of cpufreq-set:

    #! /bin/sh

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    [ubuntu] Re: all ports on bittorrent are closed

    That's assuming the computer's local firewall isn't blocking the ports...
  6. [SOLVED] Script won't work properly from cron - tried everything

    I'm pulling my hair out trying to get this script, which normally works fine, to run from cron. This is far from my first custom cron script, but it's the first to give trouble! I've added PATH...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Attempting 10.10 Fresh Install

    I'm having a similar, baffling problem. I've downloaded ubuntu 10.10 i386 via bittorrent, and I'm getting the same error, but I haven't burned the CD - I mounted the .ISO image in a VM and got this...
  8. [ubuntu] Re: Webcam LED turns on/won't turn off after sleep or suspend

    Hey all, I had the same problem on an Asus P50IJ-X2, and here's how I fixed it (I'll make the instructions noob-friendly)

    Open a terminal, and enter:

    cd /etc/pm/sleep.d/
    gksudo gedit...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Need help install THC-HYDRA

    Was just doing the exact same thing and ran into the exact same problem :confused:
  10. Re: HOWTO: Get rid of video TEARING in Compiz with NVIDIA

    Worked for me too! Thanks! First time I've had tear-free video using nvidia drivers! :D

    Karmic 64bit
    Dual GTX 260 core 216 superclocked in SLI.
  11. [ubuntu] Re: 9.04 high load average, slow response after resume

    Sounds like it could be this problem:

    I'm having the same issue (Toshiba TE2100, GeForce 420 Go on Nvidia drivers, running Karmic)....
  12. [all variants] Sample xorg.conf for 1024x768 24bit with vesa driver

    I've seen a lot of people (understandably) having trouble getting 1024x768 resolution with the vesa driver. Here's a custom config file I made that will force 1024x768 with 24bit color at ~60Hz. Even...
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