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    Re: Nokia 5800 compatibility

    Oops, I listed the program name/version, not package.
    I believe that it's obexpushd and will allow receiving of files to the computer from another device.
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    Re: Nokia 5800 compatibility

    Sharing my experience with my 5800.

    Bluetooth did not fully work until i installed another application, gnome-obex-server 0.11.0. This allowed the computer to receive files, which it would not...
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    [all variants] Re: User dependent GUI?

    Wow, you sure googled a post I made on the only other forum I look at. I got fed up with Kubuntu - I'm not used to it yet - and am switching to Ubuntu and adding KDE, then switch to KDE4 when it's...
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    [all variants] User dependent GUI?

    I want to use KDE4, my wife Gnome, and my Mother-in-law likes KDE 3.5 and doesn't want to fool with 4 yet.

    How can I set it up to automatically load a different GUI when users login (no by...
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    [all variants] Re: Ubuntu+KDE or Kubuntu+GDM?

    So.... After 15minutes of reading..
    I need to either:
    1. patch libeel and nutilus for gnome, using this guide
    2. use this guide for KDE3 (im...
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    [all variants] Ubuntu+KDE or Kubuntu+GDM?

    I like desktop effects, and I've gotten good at palying with them under Gnome, however, I have heard that KDE will show different backgrounds on different desktops, which I really like. If possible ...
  7. [kubuntu] Re: Theres no app to start desktop effects on my Kmenu - 8.04

    I'm usung KDE 3.5
    it's not under settings, it's under system.
    K > System > Desktop Effects.
  8. [kubuntu] Re: Dolphin file manager doesn't remember settings

    Settings->Configure Dolphin-> General -> Default View -> Details

    View -> Adjust View Properties -> Properties -> Show Hidden Files
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    [ubuntu] Re: Configuring dual view on NVIDIA

    A good dual display is harder to achieve in Gnome than in KDE.

    Also the program you are looking for is Nvidia's TwinView

    Check these out for additional reading:
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    [kubuntu] Re: sound comes only from left side

    Has anyone checked their alsamixer settings to make sure that the right channel is engaged? (not muted or reduced volume)
  11. Re: Yet another could not connect to master backend server

    open the network settings (right click network icon and select manual)

    Click on the hosts tab and it will tell you your computer's IP address. You want the IP for the host name not localhost....
  12. Re: Yet another could not connect to master backend server

    I fixed it! I fixed it!
    After 3 days of adjusting and harassing my computer I ralized that my IP was set at and it should have been!
  13. Yet another could not connect to master backend server (fixed - IP problem)

    I've checked several other similar threads, but they aren't helping.
    I installed Mythbuntu with all the defaults, and enables all the extra packages in the Console. I've gotten video from VLC so I...
  14. Re: options for adding a second hdd hard drive

    I haven't done this (yet; give me 2 weeks), but I read that if you use LVM (logical volume management) you can span it across multiple HDDs. Basically you add the HDD to the existing partition.
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