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    Re: July 2009 Screenshot Thread

    Here's my first new desktop in a while, decided to go with a clean look this time.
    BG is a pic I took of the Canadian WWII monument in London. I'm using Gnome-do Docky and Breathe icon set -- tell...
  2. Re: January 2009 screenshot thread (safe for work ONLY)

    So I've been spending too much time on my desktop in the last few days
    (Former desktop)

    I've switched to cairo-dock from AWN, changed the wallpaper to Tequila Sunrise, and messed around with the...
  3. Re: January 2009 screenshot thread (safe for work ONLY)

    First time posting in a desktop thread :)

    Theme: SlicknesS
    Wallpaper: Bule (
    With AWN and conky (and panel peeking out there at the...
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    [ubuntu] Re: cairo dock not starting?

    I'm having this same problem. Nothing happens at all when I click to open cairo dock (Applications > System tools > Cairo-Dock)
    When i try from the terminal, I get this:

    This is a fresh...
  5. [ubuntu] Re: Broadcom Wireless Setup for Hardy (Step by step)

    I'm currently using the LiveCD because I don't want to install Ubuntu on this computer until I know for sure that I can get wireless to work.
    Is there any way to make it work without rebooting the...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Setting up wireless on LiveCD

    I can get the card to work (the light changes from red to blue, it recognizes networks in the area, and has a pretty strong signal to mine) but it asks for my WEP key, tries connecting, but then asks...
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    [ubuntu] Setting up wireless on LiveCD

    I've searched through the forums to find several guides to setting up the broadcom wireless card (4311 rev02) on my computer, but I'm using the LiveCD for now. I don't want to install Ubuntu on this...
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