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  1. Problems with computer freezing screen goes black then various error messages

    My computer randomly freezes on me. I have been hunting around to see what could have caused it and I saw another post where someone had a freezing issue and one of the members suggested he try a...
  2. Hardware error CPU 0: machine check exception: 4 bank 0: b60c2000000000135

    Sorry I cant help on this one I did a quick google search and came up with a reference to a bug I do not know if this is the same error message you received.
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    [ubuntu] Help with errors, crashing

    First of, I gotta say I love Linux. I don't know what the *(&*( I am doing when it comes to it, but I love the who concept and community and I try to convert all the Billyware drones to what should...
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    [other] Re: gnuddrescue utility script

    being an alarm guy, this is all french to me... and I don't speak french. :)
    Basically, my system has been having problems for awhile. The screen would suddenly freeze then some random message about...
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