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    [ubuntu] Re: hosts.deny: ALL: ALL doesn't deny anything

    I know this is an old thread, but I wanted to post for anyone who might stumble across this in a search. Another method that would be quite efficient is to use a service like OpenDNS to filter the...
  2. Thread: Ubuntu Gamers

    by sad1sm0

    Re: Ubuntu Gamers

    You would probably get help a lot faster if you posted a new thread, or found one pertaining directly to your question instead of replying on a thread that's been silent for 7 months. Anyway, here's...
  3. How do you adjust screen alignment for Virtual Terminals

    Ok, so this seems like a petty problem I'm having, but it is an annoying one none the less...

    When I installed 10.04 in April, I started having all sorts of problems with my Virtual Terminals...
  4. [ubuntu] Re: Using android adb with Samsung Moment on Karmic

    Well I have upgraded to Lucid (HUGE MISTAKE!!!) so my setup might be a little different, but I still haven't managed to get this working. just did repo sync and got the newest files, however, the...
  5. [ubuntu] Re: Using android adb with Samsung Moment on Karmic

    I was just having the same problem that you are. Repo is a version control system for use specifically with Android, at least from what I understand of it. Using Repo and Git helped me out. If...
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    [all variants] Re: What virus scanner program should I install?

    Thanks for all of the replies. I've installed clamAV and got it scanning in no time. I see that it can move infected files to another location, but is there anyway it can try to repair a file like...
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    [all variants] What virus scanner program should I install?

    First, I want to say, I am not looking for virus protection for my own computer, but rather a reliable way to scan files that may end up on a windows computer later on. I fix a lot of windows...
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    [ubuntu] Re: 9.10 Upstart Breaks Cron,Cups,SSH, etc...

    This fixed my problems as well, but I have a question. When I do an apt upgrade it wants to upgrade upstart since it's been forced to a previous version. Is there a way to have aptitude ignore this...
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    Re: HOWTO: Adjust screensaver settings in Dapper

    So this is a pretty old problem I see. I'm trying to get the barcode screensaver to display thru gnome-screensaver, but all i get is a blank screen. Checked the rest of the xscreensaver(s) and they...
  10. [SOLVED] Re: mount of root filesystem failed after moving /usr

    I'm not particularly sure what happened, but i modified the menu.lst file to boot into recovery mode and I'm running the new partition now. I'd love to figure out what actually happened to cause...
  11. [SOLVED] Re: mount of root filesystem failed after moving /usr

    Yeah I can't ever remember what value to put there. I changed it from 1 to 2 a couple of times. I'll keep it at 2 now. It doesn't seem to help. I've tried using the /dev/sd** and LABEL= ways to...
  12. [SOLVED] Re: mount of root filesystem failed after moving /usr

    When the warning first started showing up, I want to say I had over 200MB left, but now I'm down to 35MB so it's becoming a pressing issue. I'm not totally sure where the 150+ mb has gone, but it...
  13. [SOLVED] mount of root filesystem failed after moving /usr

    I have a 500GB SATA drive, partitioned like so:

    Device Boot Start End Blocks Id System
    /dev/sda1 * 1 12 96358+ 83 Linux
    /dev/sda2 ...
  14. [SOLVED] Re: left super key doesn't work, only right super button works

    First, this thread is marked as solved, but unless I'm missing something, that doesn't seem to be the case. I'm having the same problems on my computer running karmic and can't seem to find a...
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    [other] Re: Backup Hard Disk

    If you haven't already figured out your problem, you might want to double check to make sure that the dip switches are configured correctly for your hardware setup. Moving a drive from one box to...
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    [SOLVED] Need Help Installing HP Pole Display for POS

    I am building a linux based POS system using OpenBravo on Kubuntu 9.04. I have an HP LD220 Poll Display that I need to get working with this system. I am still relatively new to ubunutu as of yet,...
  17. HOW TO: Network Printing and Scanning Brother MFC Series

    This is my first attempt at a tutorial so bare with me. I've found most of this information throughout the forums, but it seems to be incomplete and difficult to find so I'm attempting to just get...
  18. [all variants] Can Networked computers update from each other

    Hi All, thanks in advance for any help. I've been using Ubuntu for probably 4 months now. I usually can find whatever I need help with already posted in the forums so I haven't posted anything yet....
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    [ubuntu] Re: Need help accessing a webpage in Ubuntu!

    I have the flash 9 plugin and I also can't press the submit button.
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