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  1. [ubuntu] Re: Video editing alternative to Adobe Premiere for Ubuntu

    Please clarify if you mean Pro or Elements.

    Let me guess : elements.
    It is better to check out a couple of editors and experience what suits you best. High level is Cinelerra en Blender VSE....
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    [ubuntu] Re: Decent video editing software?

    to post #4

    Looks like asking for kdenlive or openshot. Kdenlive installs indeed a bunch of KDE stuff but that is nothing to be afraid of. It does harm.

    Cinelerra and Blender VSE is more...
  3. [ubuntu] Re: Linux alternative to a Windows video editor

    I do not know if you are willing to use command line instructions.

    You can join video fragment with the cat command :

    cat inputfile1 inputfile2 inputfile3 inputfile3 > outputfile

    With ffmpeg...
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    [ubuntu] Re: pitivi won't render

    Not sure if it will help but it might be worth to try.
    Pitivi uses Gstreamer. Check if you have gstreamer0.10-plugins-bad and gstreamer0.10-plugins-ugly installed.
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    [xubuntu] Re: XFCE split screen

    Not really. What I mean is that when I have the file browser on a folder that I can have a second pane with F3 to have a second pane to go to another folder. This makes it easy to copy from one...
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    [xubuntu] XFCE split screen

    I switched Gnome Shell for XFCE 4.10 on my netbook Acer Aspire One(running 12.04) to get rid of lockups and increase speed. The result is fine.
    Is there in XFCE something comparable like F3 (split...
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    [ubuntu] Gimp change default units for print size

    Is there anybody knowing how to change the default units and default print size in Gimp 2.6 ? I want them for photo's in mm and less pixels per inch.

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    [SOLVED] Re: Video editor on Ubuntu 12.04

    You want 'powerful' : that is Cinelerra en Blender (Blender VSE). Powerful means amongst others that a lot of parameters are keyframble. Both have a tough learning curve but I found it worthwhile for...
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    [kubuntu] Re: 12.04: Cannot install nvidia-173

    There are freeze problems with the nvidia FX5200 and some others like the 7300 that I have. Maybe blacklisted therfore.
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    Re: replace ubuntu os 64 bit by 32 bit

    This is not a 32 vs 64 bit problem.
    Start your applications in terminal. This might give usefull error messages.
    You can install linux after windows. The bootloader will recognize windows and allow...
  11. Re: Free operating systems cost more than proprietary?

    It is easy to state that one system is more expensive than another if you do not have to support it by facts and figures.
    Nothing about the server OS where linux is fairly popular.

    Maybe a...
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    Re: Which version is more stable?

    11.04 was clearly less stable than 11.10. 11.10 is good.
    10.04 was also a good one.
    I changed from unity to gnome3.
    I wait a couple of months after an new upgrade to judge about the stability.
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    [ubuntu] Re: Which program to import and view photos?

    Shotwell is default now in ubuntu.
    Digikam is the most advanced. You can install it easily in Gnome although you might that it is a KDE application.
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    [ubuntu] Re: Convert AVCHD to mpg

    I do not know in how far your are familiar with command line and ffmpeg instructions.
    With ffmpeg command line you might need to tune the options depending on the specs of the input video (aspect...
  15. [ubuntu] Re: advice on good codec for cross platform compatibility

    There are many possibilities. Turn your question around : which codecs are to be avoided ? Avoid .wmv and any other proprietary codecs. Here is some info over open source codecs.
    I can join the...
  16. [kubuntu] Re: Going nuts with Dia Diagram editor export to PDF

    Put the white box on a different layer and put the layer to the background.
  17. Re: What company could top Apple in build quality and market share?

    I do not think that apple is better. Otherwise they would not make a point of giving only 1 year guarantee in countries where 2 years is a legal obligation (with court cases as a consequence).
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    Re: Comparable to MSOffice

    MS Office should be compatible with OO, LO, abiword etc instead of OO, LO etc compatible with MS Office.

    I have very bad experience with excel 2007 messing with macros of a 2003 spreadsheet....
  19. [SOLVED] Re: Video/Audio editing: What applications to use for my project?

    You need an editor able to deal with audio and video on separated tracks.

    If you do not have experience with video editors I suggest to use kdenlive (easier to learn). If you imoort the video...
  20. [kubuntu] Re: Going nuts with Dia Diagram editor export to PDF

    Obviously you explored page format and so on.
    As a work around you could draw a line around your drawing to show the outer limit and center the drawing within this line. Make the line white if you...
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    Re: Photo & Video editing program suggestions

    For Video editing Blender VSE and Cinelerra are most developed. (for example : nearly anything is key framable)

    If you are looking for something easier to learn look for Kdenlive or Openshot.
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    [ubuntu] Re: Buy a Video Camera?

    DVD iS 720 X 576 or 720 x 480 pixels. So you will have a reduction in quality unless you go for blue ray.
    HD cams have mostly AVCHD format. Unfortunately not all cams use exactly the same AVCHD...
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    [all variants] Re: looking for 2 lightweight apps

    Try fotoxx

    Here are a couple of others.
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    [lubuntu] Re: Start learning python ?

    Thanks a lot for all advices.
    It is more clear for me now. I know better what to do now and will eventually come back with more specific questions in new threads. Therefore I will mark this one as...
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    [lubuntu] Re: Start learning python ?

    A great thanks for all replies. Very useful ! For the python part I am half way in 'A byte of python'. For the GUI I am looking for books/tutorials. There are lot of them. The problem is more which...
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