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    Re: Moblock (peerguardian linux alternative)

    I had an issue with the upgrade, and fortunately running the above steps was able to resolve it.

    However, (assuming some developers for moblock are reading this) since I run moblock on a headless...
  2. Re: Problem with the game "PlaneShift"

    Fixed! Found this in another thead:

    Solution: Font multitexturing has been broken, try the following:
    Open up the file Planeshift3D/data/config/r3dopengl.cfg in a text editor, and find this...
  3. Re: Problem with the game "PlaneShift"

    I too have been having this problem and am currently trying to work my way through it.

    It looks as though whatever Font system it is trying to use is not present or is not working properly.
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