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  1. Re: constant error message /usr/bin/jockey-text

    I'm having the same problem. A full crash report is attached. The kicker comes at the end:

    File "/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/NvidiaDetector/", line 68, in __init__
  2. [ubuntu] Re: zbox nd22 ethernet (forcedeth) problem

    Everything I read about the forcedeth driver says this should just work fine, but it doesn't. It does on my older ion machine even though it seems to have exactly the same Ethernet hardware:
  3. [ubuntu] Re: zbox nd22 ethernet (forcedeth) problem

    rootlocal@gauss:~$ sudo lspci -nn | grep Ethernet
    [sudo] password for rootlocal:
    00:0a.0 Ethernet controller [0200]: nVidia Corporation MCP79 Ethernet [10de:0ab0] (rev b1)

    You may be right. I...
  4. [ubuntu] zbox nd22 ethernet (forcedeth) problem

    I just bought 4 zotac zboxhd-nd22-u's (for a lab), and I'm having problems with the ethernet adapters. For some reason eth0 (which is connected at 1gbps) seems to just stop working occasionally and...
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    [ubuntu] dropped packets on firewall

    I've recently installed Ubunter 9.10 Server Edition to use as a NAT firewall for the lab I run. I'm using iptables to do NAT forwarding and everything works great except that, occasionally,...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Onboard Seg Fault in Hardy

    I'm having the same problem using onboard on my laptop (a Thinkpad X61).

    morin@shaggy:~$ onboard
    Segmentation fault

    This problem started after some update. It seems onboard is just...
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