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    Re: overheating while in suspeneded mode

    This is a brand new machine ; you know Acer Timeline ; and you're suggesting a 1.3 Ghz cpu dual is over heating because it goes in overdrive ,when befor waking up it senses i'm going to disturb i's...
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    Re: overheating while in suspeneded mode

    I can't help myself coming back to look for any replies aver the hibrenation or suspend modes that Linux seem to have a Big problem with.
    Every time i return to my Acer TM & either see that it's...
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    Re: overheating while in suspeneded mode

    I just turned the machine back on from suspens mode and remebered I asked about it here, so I came to look If anyone else using an Acer or any other machine has such a problem 'bug' whatever . I am...
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    overheating while in suspeneded mode

    I have noticed that the Acer Travelmate '10.04 netbook', is heating up while bringing it out of suspended mode,that's when it does'nt decide to turn off the whole machine instead.

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    Re: Unity MEGA Thread

    I just read three lines of your post and I only tried installing 11.04 once ,that's it.

    I kinda liked the toy look of the netbook already with 10.04 netbook , but it too is Not efficient . Just...
  6. screen grab using Unity or the like not so gnome,how?

    Hel lo,
    I just tried taking a screen shot of a CA that was no auth . I'm using 10.04 netbook ; and I could'nt figure out how the screengrab the whole screen from the browser's window.
    If or rather...
  7. [ubuntu] Re: backport updates not authentic & not selected for.

    linuxinstalledfromhdd thanks for the reply/--help.
    here's the out put of :horus@horus-laptop:~$ sudo gedit/etc/apt/sources.list
    sudo: gedit/etc/apt/sources.list: command not found

    I tried to...
  8. [ubuntu] Re: backport updates not authentic & not selected for.

    Here you go, I found the one png that showed what the update entailed +- and backports i had seen once i opened the details + Requires installation of untrusted packages ) : come again .....
  9. [ubuntu] Re: backport updates not authentic & not selected for.

    You are right after looking again at them png.'s . I have uploaded the wrong pic ,somehow.
    I had seen a warning telling me that there was Not a valid authen... for the updates in upt man at that...
  10. [ubuntu] Re: backport updates not authentic & not selected for.

    ok guys ,now i am 'wooried' about break down in tears but i will restrain myself for now and finish writing this plea first.
    Am i on some black list or locked up in a bad boy's vault or what?
  11. [ubuntu] Re: backport updates not authentic & not selected for.

    So you're telling me that from 60 viewers Not 1 know an answer?... yet here i have again the same issue ..trying to install unetbootin .

    oooih busy bees or ?...

    is this forum actually...
  12. [ubuntu] backport updates not authentic & not selected for.

    Why am i getting backport updates ; that are'nt carrying a vaid authentitcation & i do not have the backport update setting selected ?
  13. [ubuntu] Re: Rhythmbox and other music players not loading

    mine was working just fine ; hell i just installed the whole Debian squeeze os. But now it's bugged after i logged in Last-fm and ofcoarse downloading the whole shabbang ; last -fm exit etc ,
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    Re: error code c0000145 / blue screen : \

    I am busy installing win7 again ,this time i Know a little more about what to watch out for .
    I did'nt mention that i done a bios update to A09 ... and i had also started the ms services ..
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    error code c0000145 / blue screen : \

    I have encountered a nasty bug on my amchine which has Win7 ,Ubuntu 10.10, and on external drive there's openartist ,just finished installing it and updating ..
    The machine is the...
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    Re: installing openartist on sdb ?help--ext4

    ahoi ;; So apparently no one who read the call for --help knew anything about installing Ubuntu on any drive :( ;

    ext4 does'nt mount to well ; ext2 seems to be preferred but ext3 did IT for me .....
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    installing openartist on sdb ?help--ext4

    I formatted last night the external disk to ext4 ,now today i'm trying to install Openartist on it .
    I accessed the drive with a file browser and arrived at lost +found ; how appropriate ;)
  18. [ubuntu] can't access home folder...after grub update

    I only updated grub after the install of Bt4 on the external drive ,from Ubuntu & now i can't access my home folder or any folder ..gedit shows up saying Warning ..
    I guess i have to purge it...
  19. [all variants] Re: multi booting Linux distros, made simple pls..

    Sorry guys ,i said i had stopped with posting the help , copied the post ,went off and removed the rescue cd and placed Bt4 ... then still in the same predicament i came back and pasted the first...
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    [ubuntu] Re: install Synchronet BBS

    Is that a virtual desktop with cloud storage , like Ubuntu one ?...

    and Glide os ?.. but unix like Jolicloud :KS?....
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    [ubuntu] Re: internet connection

    try this ,turn your router off close your pc , wait 5min ,restart your outer let it find a 'connection' 1min, start up your pc ):P
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    [lubuntu] Re: shutdown doesn't power-off

    yep , i think you've been hacked , had ... :lolflag:

    Rather it's probably set to go in hybridization mode ,than switching off completely ... i'm sure i saw it somewhere in the config. something...
  23. [ubuntu] Re: i keep some weird connection on my network connection

    gee , i wonder who else' following me :popcorn:....
    Welcome to the .net freind :p
  24. [all variants] Re: multi booting Linux distros, made simple pls..

    I just realized that i had left the post... and gone back to try with Bt4 .
    no longer have rescue cd in the drive bay ,ofcoarse Bt4 is on now.
  25. [all variants] multi booting Linux distros, made simple pls..

    I am trying to partition my .Hdrive ,using the sys rescue cd but gparted does not allow me or rather the sub context menu 'resize' option is not available.
    The resue cd runs off the ram from...
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