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    How to donate less than $25?

    I am not trying to sound like a cheapskate, but right now I can't afford a $25 there any way to donate less? It says so, and to...
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    [SOLVED] Re: May someone help me with archived posts

    Thank you sincerely!!!!!!
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    [SOLVED] May someone help me with archived posts

    That contain my real name? I am having a problem with someone harassing me and I signed my actual name once....I am wondering if I can have my screen name changed, or just have the old post edited...
  4. Humorus thread - Linux answers vs Windows Answers

    So you ask a simple question:

    "How do I convert FLAC to V0?"

    Linux people answer: "It's not recommended to do so because (insert answers here) <-- this answer ignores the OP's question...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Evolution composer cursor problem

    Just to let others know,I had this issue even before Compiz Fusion was installed. Also, even with loose binding, I still have it after a restart.
  6. [ubuntu] How to get the newest Evolution but still use Hardy

    I am trying to avoid a bug in Hardy where Evolution prints 2 phone numbers (it duplicates the home phone as "other" phone).

    However, I don't know enough about Ubuntu, I come from Fedora, and there...
  7. [ubuntu] No sound after update, says "no sound card"

    My computer isn't seeing my sound card anymore. :(

    Here is my lspci:

    :~$ lspci
    00:00.0 Host bridge: Intel Corporation 82G33/G31/P35/P31 Express DRAM Controller (rev 02)
    00:01.0 PCI bridge:...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Evolution composer cursor problem

    I also have this problem. It makes the emails hard to edit because if you move it, you have up to 10 cursor artifacts at a time on the screen. Also makes the email hard to read....

    There has got...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Hardy Video Playback Stops

    I am getting the exact same thing. I know all my videos are good because I watched them all (the same files) on Fedora 9 with no issues with playback.

    I am currently looking for solution....
  10. [ubuntu] Re: Firefox - many pages, some words completely invisible

    Yes, it is only in firefox. Which is why I didn't think it would be a font problem - but, I ended up switching my computer to use a different font for most things instead of the default one (the...
  11. [ubuntu] Re: A maybe 500GB folder shows as 1117GB when my disk is only 1000GB....?

    I turned off the disk analyzer (unchecked) all drives that have the problem and restarted - but it still is doing this. It's making it really difficult. Does anyone know if there is another fix that...
  12. [ubuntu] Re: A maybe 500GB folder shows as 1117GB when my disk is only 1000GB....?

    Yes, that worked, I will try to copy from the command line now. Thank you!
  13. [ubuntu] Re: A maybe 500GB folder shows as 1117GB when my disk is only 1000GB....?

    The main issue is that I can't copy/paste my files because of the size difference. I will look into the workaround posted and see if that helps.

  14. [ubuntu] A maybe 500GB folder shows as 1117GB when my disk is only 1000GB....?

    Umm, weird problem.

    I went to copy a folder off my 1TB drive, to my 600GB partition. Imagine my surprise when I copied the folder and the size was reported to be 1117GB, therefore not enough room...
  15. [ubuntu] Re: Firefox - many pages, some words completely invisible

    Things are completely normal except for this :)

    Half the things on the page are fine, and much of it is just "invisible". It only applies to text within firefox.

    I literally haven't installed...
  16. [ubuntu] Firefox - many pages, some words completely invisible

    I have no clue what happened. It's been three days since I installed Ubuntu, and then I started up the computer today and on many sites, I get no fonts, but if I highlight the area and copy and paste...
  17. [ubuntu] Xorg woes - nvidia and monitor issues w/modeline

    Here is my xorg:

    # xorg.conf (X.Org X Window System server configuration file)
    # This file was generated by dexconf, the Debian X Configuration tool, using
    # values from the debconf...
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    [ubuntu] Re: How to force monitor using 75hz

    I would like to know this as well. Why is it that windows can do the 75 but all linux boxes I have ever used only do 60?
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    Re: What can Windows do that Linux can't?

    Microsoft Office/Outlook.

    Lots of games.

    The myriad of codecs that just seem to work better on windows, along with the endless options for video/audio processing.

    It's more of "what is...
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    Poll: Re: Would you use Linux if there was no GUI?

    This question is kind of weird.

    I mean, use for what? Would you use Windows or Mac if there was no gui? Again, for what?

    So my answer was no, but in reality, I won't use anything if there isn't...
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    Re: People using Linux for...bad things

    Not only that, but you don't have to worry when you go to software pirating sites, or worry that keygens are going to kill your computer.

    Not that I condone those sorts of things...
  22. [gnome] Gnome-panel transparency shows gradients by Nautilus with N turned off completely..:(

    I have used gconf-editor to uncheck ncheck the /desktop/gnome/background/draw_background and /apps/nautilus/preferences/show_desktop.

    But, it still shows the gradients. I am using Compiz to...
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    [ubuntu] Re: weather screenlet not working

    Does everyone using SmoothWeather get the radar to work? If I switch to it it shows a blank square and becomes unresponsive.

  24. Re: I installed Ubuntu with a hate for Windows. You?

    Same thing here.

    Except I was always looking up cool programs and then it said "Linux" or only works with "Linux". I figured it was about time to find out what "linux" was, this unreachable,...
  25. Re: Thinking up alternate spellings for "Microsoft" does NOT make you look smarter.

    FYI, even Nasa doesn't bother upgrading very often. And many centers made absolutely sure every time they needed a new computer, that it didn't have VISTA on it at all.

    98 seems to be the OS of...
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