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    [ubuntu] Re: avconv convert .mts using libx264 2 pass

    Thanks andrew.46 for your answer.
    Single pass encoding works very well indeed.
    I'm not a even close to video pro, but I have read a bit about converting videos, and if I have understood correctly,...
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    [ubuntu] avconv convert .mts using libx264 2 pass

    I know there are similar questions around, but unfortunately didn't find answer to my question.
    What I like to achieve is video camera originated videos compress as small as possible with as less...
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    [ubuntu] Re: XEN usb(serilal) pastrough

    Thanks for your answer.

    About PCI pastrough it is possibility, but currently I see one major problem - can't find required modules even in Precise Pangolin newest kernel.
    I have to recompile...
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    [ubuntu] XEN usb(serilal) pastrough


    I have Ubunutu 11.10 with XEN installed, and several guest systems, but now I faced one problem, recently I had to connect two USB to serial adapters to this server, but I need one guest...
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    [ubuntu] Server 10.04 printing on Minolta copiers


    Unfortunately I'm not familiar with Linux printing stuff.

    So is it possible to print on such copiers:
    Minolta Develop Ineo+ 220
    Konica Minolta 7216

    If yes how can I set up all...
  6. [ubuntu] Re: xrender or video driver problem after upgrade to 10.10

    Really nobody have any ideas? :rolleyes:
  7. [ubuntu] xrender or video driver problem after upgrade to 10.10


    after upgrading to 10.10 I ran into one problem. Upgraded some while ago (when released), then noticed problem but now it starts to really bother me. Unfortunately didn't find any solution...
  8. Re: Metatrader 4 no toolbar icons and other problems

    Yes indeed I have read this post and many more (google :D ), but haven't succeed in my problem. I have tried other vnc servers too, vnc4 and x11vnc with no luck. Realvnc needs old shared library, I...
  9. Re: Metatrader 4 no toolbar icons and other problems

    Thanks, did everything as you say, unfortunately didn't help - MT looks exactly as before.
    Now I have some more messages in terminal output, a lot of:
    err:ole:marshal_object couldn't get...
  10. Metatrader 4 no toolbar icons and other problems

    I'm running Lucid with vncserver windows manager (tried several - xfce4,fluxbox,gnome) and wine on it. I can run Metatrader normally and everything functions as supposed, but the problem is with...
  11. [ubuntu] Karmic Koala and accelerometer, hdd protection


    I'm using FSC Lifebook S series, to be more specific S7210. I know from specs and from Win that it contains onboard accelerometer, in Win Vista it works perfectly, with FSC supplied "Motion...
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    [ubuntu] Wine launches process but no app window

    Hello everybody,

    I didn't know where to put such problem, is it Wine related or Ubuntu related or even Win app related. As same problem doesn't appear on MacOS in similar configuration with wine...
  13. [ubuntu] Ubuntu 9.10, laptop, two Logitech mouses MX Revolution and v550 nano.

    Hello, :)

    I have got some, maybe not typical problem searched a lot trough net and forums and not succeeded wit it.
    I have switched from Windows Vista to Ubuntu, but it is not my first linux...
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