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  1. [ubuntu] Monitors occasionally will not turn off when idle

    Hello all,

    I tried the google world and multiple forums to research for a solution to my issue but no luck at all, which is kind of surprising, so I'm resorting to start a thread here.

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    [kubuntu] Re: Ipod Nano 5G with linux?

    Have you tried rhythmbox yet? I have used this for 3rd and 4th generation nanos without any issues. To use it just import the music files to rhythmbox then you would just drag the album or artist to...
  3. [ubuntu] making a copy of an audio cd that contains enhanced feature

    I'm sure you guys remember those enhanced music cds a few years ago :). I have one I'm trying to make a copy of with k3b. It throws an error when reading the data from the cd and I'm sure it's...
  4. [ubuntu] Uploading music to ipod with no gaps

    I currently use rhythmbox to upload music to an ipod nano. I'm not sure what generation it is but it almost has a square like appearance. Is there a way to upload music to this ipod without gaps in...
  5. [ubuntu] Re: Can not rip audio cds to mp3 using k3b

    I have just tried the same command you have posted and still nothing.
  6. [ubuntu] Can not rip audio cds to mp3 using k3b

    I am having trouble ripping audio cds to mp3 format using k3b. I get an error message stating the lame command has failed. I installed lame and the libraries required so I'm not sure why it keeps...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Mouse pointer issue

    I actually upgraded to 8.10 and extracted the theme to /usr/share/icons directory and all is well, but I will keep your suggestion in mind, superman2020, if it happens again. Thanks for the reply,...
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    [ubuntu] Mouse pointer issue

    I am having a minor issue with my mouse pointer. I have downloaded a particular theme I would like to use instead of the plain old default theme and installed it properly (I think). When I try to use...
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