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    [ubuntu] Re: Sanitised filenames from Rhythmbox

    Hi nothingspecial - thanks for the tip. One of my concerns was about whether changing file / folder names might confuse Rhythmbox for my existing library. Of course, this was easy to test - I just...
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    [ubuntu] Windows-safe filenames from any CD ripper?


    Further to my last message, I have been having a dig around the options on Rhythmbox and I've not been able to spot anything that might help - I'm happy to invoke it using text commands if it...
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    [ubuntu] Sanitised filenames from Rhythmbox


    Short version - can Rhythmbox be made to avoid characters like colon (:) and question marks (?) in filenames?

    And an aside - what's the best way of bulk re-naming the names with colons etc....
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    Re: Mount samba shares with utf8 encoding using cifs

    Hi there,

    This tutorial looks really thorough, but before I jump into it I wanted to check that it's what I need!

    I have an Ubuntu box setup mostly for media - MythTV and playing music. At the...
  5. [ubuntu] Audio-CD not recognised, data CD and DVD video are (same drive)


    I have a CD/DVD combi drive in my Ubuntu box (9.10). The short version is that video DVDs are automatically picked up when inserted, but audio CDs are not.

    I checked out another thread...
  6. [ubuntu] Re: Choppy video - watching recordings (+live TV) - MythTV and others

    Visual effects are set to "None", which seems to be the simplest state already.

    Thanks for the suggestion.

  7. [ubuntu] Choppy video - watching recordings (+live TV) - MythTV and others

    I am trying to get MythTV up and running and am having problems with choppy video, both in live TV and in playback. I am hoping it is just a settings issue, as I think the system should be up to it...
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    [all variants] PAL output on Intel 915


    Short version:

    Has anyone had any success in getting PAL output from an Intel 915 chipset?

    Long version:

    I've got a machine that has an Intel 915 chip with a Chrontel CH7021A as a TV...
  9. [mythbuntu] Re: Setting frequency for Intel 915 / Chrontel CH7021A (50Hz PAL)

    Thanks for the suggestions Jeroen. I've tried some of the things you've suggested, and could use a feew more pointers.

    I grabbed a .avi file from my Windows box. Ubuntu correctly recognised it as...
  10. [mythbuntu] Setting frequency for Intel 915 / Chrontel CH7021A (50Hz PAL)


    I'm trying to get Mythbuntu up and running on a media centre machine, driving a UK TV. I'm pretty sure that the problems I'm having are down to getting the video card to drive it at 50Hz.
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