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    Re: Fresh install question

    Thanks for the info, I read through the links and feel more confident now! :)
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    Fresh install question

    Hi all, my computer is configured for dual boot. When I bought the machine in 2012 and installed ubuntu studio alongside windows 8, I was very nervous because the UEFI/secure boot issue new to me and...
  3. Re: Begin teaching Linux (specifically Xubuntu)

    Teach them how to read man pages and search / ask for help in the forums.
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    Re: Clean(er) image hosting sites?

    I would argue the opposite, that the only way people can really and truly communicate real meaning is through metaphor!
    I don't want to star an argument, so I'm just throwing this out there, then...
  5. Thread: Bash Script

    by AstroLlama

    [SOLVED] Re: A Simple Script

    There is no need to execute xfce4-terminal. Bash naturally interprets each line as a command.

    I suggest you read up on shell scripting. I am not a career programmer but use it often in my work. It...
  6. Re: Monitor is getting darker whenever I plug in the power cord

    In power settings you need to adjust the brightness of the moniter while it's running on AC power or battery power.
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    Re: Clean(er) image hosting sites?

    How about

    Here's a link to an Image I uploaded just now.
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    Re: Using Debit Card for online payment

    If the site is trustworthy, you can assume they have the best intentions to keeping your data safe... HOWEVER you have no control over other malicious people who compromise their systems. Under this...
  9. Re: Is it bad practice to use the same username/email in different sites/forums?

    A relatively recent trend in internet services nowadays is the discouragement to use false aliases... so for example google and facebook want you to use your real name (as a matter of fact you are...
  10. [SOLVED] Re: How do I make terminal background a video?

    Agree with jejeman: it's definitely easier to record terminal activity and blend it together...
  11. [lubuntu] Re: sometimes the "shut down on power button press" works, most times it doesn't

    I agree with buntu bunny, shutting down the system from the cli is in my opinion a better alternative. You could even write a one-line shell script and keep it on the desktop / menu and execute it on...
  12. Re: How would I open a program from terminal?

    Hi Demiizev, you can open a program in the terminal simply by typing its name in the terminal. Opening graphical programs like internet browsers and other big programs can sometimes be more...
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    [SOLVED] Re: javascript indexOf() method

    Thanks for the reply! It was very helpful and gave me an insight into what I was trying to do. :)
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    [SOLVED] javascript indexOf() method

    Hi everyone, I'm stumpted on this problem! I spent the last few hours looking for a solution, but to no avail.

    On a site I'm working on users click a button to send the button's ID to a function:...
  15. Re: Trouble understanding for loops. (Python)

    you could even use a word:

    for item in list:
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    Poll: Re: Who still wants Physical Media?

    I backup important documents in an external drive, my webserver and on dvds in a box under my desk. I find the dvds have been useful as recently my external HD just pooped out. I save things like...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Speeding up rendering

    i assume you adjusted your gimp environment settings in file -> preferences to match the number of processors on your system and the amount of ram? 3-4 minutes to render a perspective change on a 10...
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    Re: PHP, signup form

    how are the bots abusing the form? are they signing up and sending emails from your service?
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    [ubuntu] Re: JACK kills all other audio?

    some applications, for example audacious, and skype, need to be set in their configuration options to use the jack server, or else their sound output won't reach jack server. this had me stumped for...
  20. Re: Need to add myself back into the admin group.

    I haven't done any extensive tweaking, though by running the command "id" i can see my username is a member of the following groups: [my user name], adm, cdrom, sudo, audio, dip, plugdev, lpadmin,...
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    Re: I want to make FOSS for a living. How?

    Developing free software doesn't mean you have to take an absolute ideological stance against non-free software! you can do both. many programmers are involved with projects of different liscences.
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    [ubuntu] Re: Nautilus EXIF for PNG Files

    this post on stack overflow says that though png does NOT support exif it supports "chunks" of meta data. This may...
  23. [all variants] Re: Cracking/Popping sound during and after start up

    are the volume for the left and right speakers at equal levels?

    the sound is otherwise working normally? if not it could be that the speaker is cracked or popped...
  24. [all variants] Re: Files disappearing after rebooting into Windows

    I also have a dual boot and was having the same problem, so I recognized yours right away! I didn't disable hibernate, as it can be useful but i followed directions like these to make a "shutdown...
  25. [all variants] Re: Files disappearing after rebooting into Windows

    Windows "instant on" feature is just like "hibernate". Did windows go into hibernate when you logged off? if so any changes written to the disk will be undone after you reboot into windows as the...
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