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    way to convert SWF to EXE and PKG?

    Okay. I developed a Flash game creator with a drag and drop interface that lets you quickly design a game and upload it to the web for all to play. I want to take it to the next level though. I want...
  2. Re: Possible to compile any other language to *.swf other than Flash and ActionScript

    Because, many popular game sites do not support HTML5 / Javascript games because they are usually spread across multiple files.
  3. Possible to compile any other language to *.swf other than Flash and ActionScript?

    Okay. I am wondering if there are any programs that can compile any of the following to a *.swf file:

    HTML5 (and maybe CSS3) and JavaScript

    I have tried using Flash and...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Getting drive info in java

    Thank you! very much.
  5. Voice to text library and Text to speech libraries

    Does anyone know of any VTT or TTS libraries that have Java bindings or are actually written in Java?

    I have already tried Festival, but it lack proper Java bindings and sound a bit too much like...
  6. [SOLVED] Re: Using Cairo and having text rendering problems

    From what I read you are still looking for a simple graphics library? If you are, check out SFML, it's nice and light-weight, but is still very powerful and cross-platform. It also has text rendering...
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    Re: small project on unix using C

    Well, for starter projects "Hello World" is a good one.

    If you need good tutorials and have about $30 / Month has some really good ones on just about anything, "computers".

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    [SOLVED] Getting drive info in java

    Okay, I am working on a security suite, but I need to list all drives and partitions on said drives. The base language is Java, but C/C++ libraries can be loaded.

    This is what I have now:

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