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  1. Re: Dansguardian not using urlregexplist filters

    Thanks for pointing that out. It led me down an interesting avenue of research. Actually, turns out that Google Search forces https if you are signed into Google, either via Gmail or some other...
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    Re: New install and Hulu won't work

    xinawesome, if you want to filter Google Image Search or force safe mode, then you have to make Google Search use http as opposed to https:
  3. Re: Dansguardian not using urlregexplist filters

    Azrael84, that's because all Google Searches go over https now. If you go to, then search for something, the address bar will change to...
  4. Filtering Google Image Search with DansGuardian

    I felt like it was necessary to address this question as it is asked frequently on these forums and elsewhere. (I've asked it several times in several places myself.)

    If you want to filter Google...
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    Re: UCE Question

    You have the power to configure DansGuardian however you like it. In fact, Linux users are given so much power that it can be overwhelming. In Linux, there is rarely a "just open program x and press...
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