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  1. Wireless connection hanging in my Dell N4050

    Hi there,

    My wireless connection hangs randomly. Sometimes I can be surfing on Internet for a while when my wireless connection get hanged.

  2. [ubuntu] Wireless and Ethernet connects but no Internet, UBUNTU 12.04

    Dear all,

    My computer connects, it seems correctly, via Ethernet and wireless. If I "ping" the gateway and I receive an answer but I don't when I "ping" (unknown host).
  3. [wubi] Re: [Ubuntu 12.04] After Reboot, Broadcom STA Driver not working.

    HI chili555

    it works for me, thank you very much!! ^^
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    Ubuntu 9.04 no me inicia

    Hola, Mi gráfica es una ati 4850, al instalar ubuntu 9.04 instale un driver asociado para ella en control de maquinaria, una semana despues me salen las actualizaciones de archivos de ubuntu, las...
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