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  1. Re: Trouble running civilization 4 through wine

    I have been able to install the game one time and I think it was by adding the cd in the drives tab like you said, but then after that I always end up with XML issues. I have found guides on ways for...
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    [ubuntu] Wii filesharing over a network

    My wii has a hombrew channel on it and I wanted to know how I would set up a filesharing network. I have all of my settings (IP adress etc) but im not sure exactly how to access my folders from the...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Duplicates created in Banshee

    Sorry its taken me so long to respond, though im sure its no big deal lol.
    Anyways the songs are all just regular mp3 format. Banshee created multiples of every song in the same folders that they...
  4. Trouble running civilization 4 through wine

    So I have a copy of civilization 4 gold edition that I used to play when I was running windows. Ive tried google(ing) around for a way to install and play it through wine, and I have found ways to...
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    [ubuntu] Duplicates created in Banshee

    I dont know if this is the right place for this goes.
    I made a mistake I think when I imported my music into banshee I went into pref. and selected copy media files when importing and now...
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    Re: Why do you choose Ubuntu over Windows

    windows annoys me. thats why I switched. Ubuntu is to dough as windows is to wood, expensive wood that wastes your time.
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