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  1. Thread: Test request

    by francsal

    Re: Test request

    Ok, I have a U120. Close enough.

    Flickering is gone, but that doesnīt depends on the distro, but on the BIOS. Update it and itīs fixed.

    The webcam problem is gone too. No need to keep it turned...
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    Re: MSI Wind - Jaunty, Karmic, or Lucid?

    The BIOS update is practically bulletproof, you just have to type "flash" at the command prompt. Just make sure you download the right one for your Wind.

    The flickering is corrected with this. In...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Which Netbook will run Ubunutu the best?

    Considering than most netbooks use practically the same exact hardware, I'd say it's more a matter of taste and how comfortable you feel with certain brand. As for me, I'm using an MSI Wind (U120)...
  4. [ubuntu] Re: USB Thumb drives & HD not recognized 9.10

    Yep it is on. Thinking back, when I had a dual boot (win XP with Ubuntu installed via wubi) sometimes it worked....
  5. [ubuntu] Re: USB Drives Not Detected on IBM Thinkpad T40 2373-72U in 9.10

    sorry for hijacking your thread, but since I have the EXACT same problem, will do a major bump!
  6. [ubuntu] Re: USB Thumb drives & HD not recognized 9.10

    Bump.... :S
  7. [ubuntu] USB Thumb drives & HD not recognized 9.10

    Iīll go by parts. First, I tried to install Ubuntu Karmic on this T40 Thinkpad, via a USB thumbdrive, with the desktop image on it. It started to boot, but, after a few moments, the light on the...
  8. [ubuntu] ZTE Modem not detected on Karmic - Thinkpad T40

    I have this ZTE MF626 3G modem, which works flawessly on my netbook. However, yesterday I installed Karmic on a Thinkpad T40, and the same modem doesnt get recognized when I plug it. I know the modem...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Screen Brightness Glitch

    I donīt know if it was exactly the same problem I had, but I solved it by deleting the keyboard shortcuts that control brightness on system settings (Kubuntu). It worked. Now, the brightness doesnīt...
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    [kubuntu] Re: No sound after upgrading to 9.10

    I had that problem when testing the Beta version, and this tip actually worked. Open terminal, and start alsamixer. Then, first check that no output is muted (MM on the bottom of the bar), and then...
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    Poll: Re: Lowest Spec PC Running Karmic

    I can tell you form personal experience that an Atom 1.6 really does outperform a PIII 933 running Kubuntu. My sister has one old PIII computer on her house, and out of kicks, decided to try Kubuntu...
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    Re: Installing on MSI Wind U120

    I regularly boot rom the USB ports on my U120, so, I really donīt think that should be an issue. Sorry for asking a probably dumb question, but are you pressing F11 in the boot process? Also, have...
  13. Thread: 2.6.32 Kernel

    by francsal

    [all variants] Re: 2.6.32 Kernel

    thanks for the comments!!

    Iīm sorry for not explaining myself adequately. I asked, because I saw the kernel listed on the ubuntu site (yes it was a RC):
  14. Thread: 2.6.32 Kernel

    by francsal

    [all variants] 2.6.32 Kernel

    In one post, somebody told me that a certain problem (brightness control) was not happening on kernel 2.6.32

    Tha baffled me, since Karmic is still using 2.6.31, so the question is: should I...
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    Re: Screen brightness acting crazy on RC.

    Thank you both for the extremely detailed tips!!! Unfortunately, neither fixed the problem. I sort of "fixed" it by disabling the keyboard based shortcuts to modify the brightness (Fn-F4 and Fn-F5)....
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    Screen brightness acting crazy on RC.

    Iīm not so sure if this is an issue specific to the RC but I just find it out. Whenever I try to adjust the brightness of my screen (MSI U120, running Kubuntu, but problem manifest itself on GNOME,...
  17. Re: Anyone else sticking with Jaunty for the time being?

    I started with REAL use of Linux with Jaunty. I tried it about 5 years ago (Suse, if I'm not mistaken) and it wasnt a pleasant experience. Jaunty was a total difference, good enough for me to stop...
  18. Upgrade to RC or final version from beta - Updates? Full install?

    Ok, this might be a silly question, but if I donīt ask it, Iīll be more silly.... I keep wondering, if the upgrades applied to my beta installation have turned it to a "RC" version installed? And,...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Tell me about Intel Atom...........

    Speaking from personal experience I can tell you that the Atom does the work and does it well. I have a MSI Wind U120 (Atom N270 1.6Ghz 1GB Ram) and it runs Kubuntu Karmic like a charm. And it did...
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    USB devices not always get recognized

    Hereīs the thing. I have a ZTE MF626 3G modem, and I can say that it works perfectly with 9.10... IF it gets recognized when I plug it.

    Sometimes, whenever I plug the modem, even though the lights...
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    Re: ZTE modems on 9.10 pre-release versions

    Hi Stinger.

    Itīs really confusing to see you having this kind of problems. As George said, itīs probably not the best time to try. The funny thing is that I have exactly the same modem as you do,...
  22. Re: telstra wireless mf626 usb 3g pay as you go broadband

    Iīve got the same exact modem, working on Kubuntu, but I think the procedure would be the same.

    When you say that it shows the files on the internal memory (the windows installer, I guess), itīs...
  23. Re: Why am I having to download dirvers to get Audio? This ain't no Windows!

    HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! I indeed remember that! but you forgot about the SET IRQ=7!!

    And yep, itīs not Windows... or maybe thatīs the reason... But I do know that in time, specially with all the...
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    Distorted adio on headphone jack

    Hi guys. Got a new issue with my beta experiment... I had a problem regarding no audio with flash videos (youtube, actually) in Kubuntu, even though the played and were heard ok in gnome, and it was...
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    Re: Karmic - some apps no sound

    Ehhhmm.... sorry for being a PITA, but do you have any idea how to accomplish that in Kubuntu? In System Settings - Multimedia, thereīs no way to make that switch. It just lists the "Device...
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