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  1. Re: No-nonsense guide to iPod video: h264 and xvid

    This guide worked great for me with one small little hitch. The outputted videos have an additional pixel on the left and right sides of the screen. The end result is what appears to be an uncropped...
  2. Re: HOWTO: Cleaning up all those unnecessary junk files...

    Autoclean is an extension of the "apt-get" command.

    To use it type this in the terminal:
    sudo apt-get autoclean

    Great HOWTO WackToMack, I got rid of many unnecessary language files.
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    Re: HOWTO: MIDI in Hoary

    I tried the modprobe commands and everything worked great. However, as soon as I reboot the modules seem to be gone and midi won't work until I input them. Is there any file I can write to?
  4. Re: HOWTO: Latest OpenOffice 2 Beta with Ubuntu Linux

    It worked great for me. I just edited the menus as:
    soffice -writer (and so forth)

    instead of:
    /opt/openoffice.org1.9.95/program/soffice -writer

    That way any future beta versions will work...
  5. Re: HOWTO: Run DVD Decrypter with Wine for copying DVDs

    Thanks for this mate! I've been tinkering with Wine/Dvd Decrypter for a while but never got it to pick up the DVD drive until now.
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    Poll: Re: What kind of computer do you use?

    Dell 8200 2.8 ghz
    19 inch monitor
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    Re: who wants gmail?

    If you guys still have any accounts left I'd greatly appreciate one.

    JR Larios
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