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    [ubuntu] Re: Please recommend graphics card

    Thanks TheFu, I will look into it. I seem to be running ok on the slightly earlier kernel, Linux 3.2.0-48-generic at the moment so I will see how that goes before taking any action. It also seems I...
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    [ubuntu] Please recommend graphics card

    I am running Ubuntu 12.04 64 bit on an Acer Aspire X1420 which dual boots with Windows 7 64 bit. When booting Ubuntu normally I find that the GUI does not start. I then select the previous kernel in...
  3. [ubuntu] Re: Upgraded to 12.10 and now keyboard settings wrong.

    I can now shed some more light on this problem, although I have no explanation for it, (and also thanks to my wife who suggested it):-

    The problem only occurs with my Logitech wireless USB...
  4. [ubuntu] Re: Upgraded to 12.10 and now keyboard settings wrong.

    Has anyone else had this problem? I have just done a clean install on Ubuntu Gnome Remix 12.10 and have the problem again. Is there some registry hack that will do it please? I am absolutley positive...
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    [ubuntu] Why does theme look different?

    I am running Ubuntu 12.10 with the Gnome Fallback DE.
    I have Ubuntu Gnome Remix 12.10 running as a guest in VirtualBox. On UGR the "Clearlooks-Flat-Compact" theme appears different (better) than on...
  6. Re: Why use an email client like Thunderbird?

    Thunderbird was great for me for when I changed over from using the old Windows Program Outlook Express a few years ago, it automatically imported all the old emails and settings. If you are a dual...
  7. [ubuntu] Re: Upgraded to 12.10 and now keyboard settings wrong.

    Sef, thanks for your reply but I could not get it to work. I did as suggested and logged out/in but no joy. Is there another way of doing it please?
  8. [ubuntu] Upgraded to 12.10 and now keyboard settings wrong.

    I upgraded to ubuntu 12.10 from 12.04 using the upgrade assistant so all my programs and data would be preserved. It seems to have gone well apart from one thing. I am in the United Kingdom and I...
  9. Re: Encrypt a partition in Ubuntu 12.10

    Thanks Bufeu and LewisTM for your replies. It is now working. I was clicking on the cogwheels at the top right when I should have been clicking on the cogwheels lower down where there are more...
  10. How do I encrypt a partition in Ubuntu 12.10 please?

    Am I the only one who encrypted partitions on my hard drive in this way?

    It seems this very useful functionality (see link in original post) was deleted, for no obvious reason, from Ubuntu 12.10...
  11. Re: Encrypt a partition in Ubuntu 12.10

    Am the only one who encrypts partitions this way? It seems very simple and straightforward. Has someone got a way which is easier please?
  12. Re: Encrypt a partition in Ubuntu 12.10

    Any takers please?

    There is a gnome-disks utility but it does not seem to have all the same functionality with encrypting partitions that the version in Ubuntu 12.04 had?
  13. Encrypt a partition in Ubuntu 12.10

    How do I encrypt a partition in Ubuntu 12.10?
    Please see

    This used to work ok for Ubuntu...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Teamviewer 8 will not start

    You can log on to someone else's pc using the Teamviewer website from any modern browser. That is very useful as you can do it from anywhere without installing anything.
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    [all variants] Re: windows malware ethical question

    Yes. You do have a duty.
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    Re: Sociology atemporal question

    A sociologist maybe talking about isolated cultures. Google the following for some ideas:
    isolated cultures no concept of time
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    Re: Recommend a movie 2013

    Well, it is a totally subjective question because different people love or hate different types of film. Some films are better at the cinema than at home. I thought The Hobbit shown at 48 frames/sec...
  18. Re: Playing RAM (RealAudio Media) files

    According to Wikipedia there is a linux version of Real Player based on Helix. I have no personal experience of it, just something i googled.
  19. Re: Who Remembers Trolley Buses,Particularly in Maidstone,Kent

    I remember trolley busues in what I think must have been Southampton when i was very young in the late 1960's. In reply to a later poster, trolley buses are not to be confused with what we call trams...
  20. [SOLVED] Re: move window close icon and it's cousins to right side

    Luckily I found this solution

    so my defection to Linux Mint is postponed.
  21. [ubuntu] Re: Open PDF file directly in file browser in gedit

    Gedit (as somebody said earlier) is used for opening text only files(much like the somewhat simpler Windows Notepad) Even if gedit could open a non text file at all (and I will not bother to try) it...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Make a list of installed programs

    Thank you all for your prompt replies. I made a list of all the applications in usr/share/applications by putting a simple script
    ls > file.txt
    in the folder and running it. I now have a list I...
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    [SOLVED] Make a list of installed programs

    I want to make a list of all the programs I have installed on 12.04 before I do a clean install of 12.10. I have seen various ways of getting the computer to come up with a list, but this would be a...
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    Re: What kind of keyboard do you use?

    As long it is wireless-to reduce clutter. Also I never use the number pad on the right. For years I had an "Acorn Electron" and got out the habit of using the number pad.

    Currently have 2 Logitech...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Backing up Virtualbox installs?

    You can "export an appliance" and then re-import it later.
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