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    Re: Linguistic survey on

    Very cool! I have a Bachelor's Degree in linguistics as well, and have always been interested in this kind of sociolinguistic research.

    Good luck, and I'm looking forward to seeing the results.
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    Re: the day dell refused to sell a computer

    Hi cosborn72, Dell is very crafty about pricing their systems differently for home/business/employees/affiliates. The prices are constantly changing and can vary substantially with respect to nearly...
  3. Re: How To Install 32 bit ZSNES without chroot on amd64

    This strategy worked great for me under dapper, but doesn't work any longer under edgy or feisty as far as I can tell :-(

    The ia32-alsa-oss package isn't available, and zsnes can't find libncurses...
  4. Re: HOWTO: Embed PDFs with Evince in Mozilla/Firefox

    A great tip, saik0! I now have PDF viewing in firefox, and am a happy camper :D

    Only one thing to add. From the mozplugger man page (my addition in bold):

    I had this problem! After I...
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