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  1. Re: N53sv-eh71 laptop screen upgread to 1080p (Help)

    Just out of curiosity, how much more did the one that came with the 1080p display cost? And was it worth it? :D I have no idea what the problem is, I can't really tell from the pictures. But I'll...
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    Dual Xeon water cooling?

    I just built a dual Xeon setup, and I want water cooling on it, mostly because it looks cool and it's something new for me to learn. As far as I've figured out I should make two closed loops, one for...
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    General RAID question, mixing HDD's?

    'm a complete noob when it comes to RAID, but I'm building a server and want to use RAID on it along with LVM. I already have 2 3TB disks, but I want to migrate the OS and swap to an SSD, then use...
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    [server] Dual CPU motherboard

    Hi, I'm building a computer and I have a few questions. First of I'm planing on using ASUS Z9PE-D8 WS motherboard, it can use the newest Xeon CPU's for socket 2011 and it can use two of them. I'm...
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