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  1. [kubuntu] Re: Cannot Create Folders In Freeagent Go Backup Drive

    So I finally gave up, unplugged the drive walked to my Windows pc and had it working in 5min. ;). Some day soon I'll be there with Ubuntu too :D
  2. [kubuntu] Re: Cannot Create Folders In Freeagent Go Backup Drive

    I'm Experiencing the same problem. I'm guessing it might be minor partition corruption. In Windows I usually fix this with Chkdsk. In Ubuntu I've tried a couple of tools without success.

    By the...
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    [ubuntu] Solved! Try this - - - Manual install

    Try to manually replace all the dependencies and update your install.

    Manual Install instructions

    Following these instructions I replaced my printer install. Pages printing 1 per second now...
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    [ubuntu] Re: hp laserjet 1100 long spool time

    I too have this problem although the printer did not do this initially. My pages print one at a time with 1min spool also even if I print 50 identical pages. #-o What did you change since your...
  5. [edubuntu] Having trouble getting a decent install of Moodle

    Hi, I am witnessing a strange phenomenon. I used the test files that I have used during my implementation of Moodle and have had to reload my server and subsequently reloaded Moodle to the new 2.1+...
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    Re: Can't locate Edubuntu 11.04 Disc

    I was referring to the Za site. There is a section where you can locate people who have already downloaded a specific version of Ubuntu so that you can arrange to get it by mail instead of...
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    Can't locate Edubuntu 11.04 Disc

    Hi, I tried to locate sources for Edubuntu on the local za site. I actually found two but am unable to create a user as the Captcha image won't load.

    Can anyone help me with a disk via mail?
  8. Re: Anybody in Durban or KZN, who has downloaded the Edubuntu - DVD

    By the way... Have you gotten a hold of an Edubuntu Dvd yet?
  9. [other] Server with thin client setup - What distro?

    Hi, I am looking at putting a server together that will be able to handle X-terminals and push Web content through to them. The snag is though that I will need WINE to enable IE and Win Media Player...
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    X terminals and Wine

    Have a more advanced question. Is it possible to run Wine on X-Server and push to X-Terminals? I'm looking to push video and audio using Windows technologies that I would like to have avoided.
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    [ubuntu] Iburst Usb freeze

    Hi, I'm using Ubuntu 10.04 stock standard as I am still struggling to get the internet up.

    I installed a black UTU (Usb) Iburst modem using some patches found at...
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    [ubuntu] Ubuntu 10.04 on Dell Gx280

    I have a Dell Gx280 not so new but I was wondering if Ubuntu would be compatible with it and if not what I could do to get it working.

    Has anyone tried installing this model?
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    [ubuntu_studio] Need an Installation DVD

    Hi,I live in the Free State and bandwidth here is almost non-existent. Currently the fastest connection I can get is Gprs.

    Is there anyone who would be willing to mail me the latest version of...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Copy of latest Ubuntu

    I know all of the above. I'm looking for someone who can write me a copy of Ubuntu 8.X so i don't need to wait weeks for a postal delivery. I unfortunately don't have broadband to download. :KS
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    [ubuntu] Copy of latest Ubuntu

    Hi, i'm looking for a copy of the latest release of Ubuntu

    I will be traveling to Roodepoort,Centurion,Boksburg,Brits and Hartebeespoort dam in this week.
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