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  1. [ubuntu] Re: Help formatting an external Macintosh hard drive...

    admin@ubuntu:~$ sudo fdisk /dev/sdc
    Device contains neither a valid DOS partition table, nor Sun, SGI or OSF disklabel
    Building a new DOS disklabel with disk identifier 0x0f2g4721.
    Changes will...
  2. [ubuntu] Re: Help formatting an external Macintosh hard drive...

    OK, I managed to find a vid on youtube...

    ubuntuhal - How to format a drive to NTFS using Gparted

    Luckily. Gparted had the drive name My Book, which is the type of drive the Macintosh drive...
  3. [ubuntu] Re: Help formatting an external Macintosh hard drive...

    ok, i found the command...

    sudo fdisk -l

    it lists sde as having no valid partition table. Does that mean it is the mac one? Ubuntu reads it fine, which is weird.

    edit: i have two 2tb...
  4. [ubuntu] Help formatting an external Macintosh hard drive...

    I got an external hard drive made for macintosh computers on clearance for really cheap (because it is for mac's, and nobody owns macs! lmao lucky me). I dont want it in the macintosh format,...
  5. [ubuntu] Re: ubuntu stuck when waking up from suspend or hibarnate

    This may be part of a known issue (not really a "bug"). Whenever installing from wubi, the entire OS is in a file, not a partition. Therefore, when rtying to recover from hibernation or whatnot,...
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    [xubuntu] Re: why does ubuntu hate ntfs/usb ?

    you can force mount it still, overwriting the naughty byte. but i have one drive that is NTFS and ubuntu REFUSES to mount it, and I haven't figured out a way around it yet. I hav rebooted into...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Gimp problem...

    Thanks for the replies, they have given me some nice things to think about doing. :)

    After reading your replies I realized that I forgot a very important bit of info. Before doing the...
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    [ubuntu] Firefox cache?

    Trying to workaround a new youtube bug, so I'm trying to find the multimedia cache in firefox. Wher eis it? I've seen people say .mozilla/whatever, but where is the .mozilla folder? usr? there are...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Gimp problem...

    anyone? please?

    i think the problem is that it is a very, very large image. well over 100 megapixels, and far wider than tall. but i dont know how to correct for this in gIMP.
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    [ubuntu] Gimp problem...

    So I am trying to do autoadjusts in color/contrast, etc to improve an image. BUT it keeps making the eft side of the image dark, while the right side stays bright like I want it. It is a...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Having trouble with large image file

    Well, apparently before it crashed it actually did save a jpeg image correctly. Compressed down to 25.7mb! I still can't open it in an image editing program, though. I have to fix soem crop...
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    [ubuntu] Having trouble with large image file

    OK, so I took this big (ok, huge) panorama on a beach where I live and stitched it with hugin. For some reason the linux version of hugin scales down images before it works on them by like 40%, but...
  13. [ubuntu] Re: Will not wake up properly after suspend (12.04)

    The most common cause of this is not using a full install. Did you use Wubi to install vs doing the partitions for a full install? Due to the fundamental basics of how they work, suspend etc cannot...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Subwoofer Too Loud!

    This. There is only one possibility for any sort of "scratching" sound coming from a subwoofer. If there is no level adjustment on the subwoofer, I take it you are talking about a set of...
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    [ubuntu] Re: bootchart tips anyone?

    That is really hard to read. can you upload a larger image that is easier on the eyes?
  16. With 12.10 are we still stuck with the silly unity interface?

    As the thread title says, are we still stuck with the silly Unity interface as default, or is there a release with a real gnome-like desktop interface (that is useful for work, and not just screwing...
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    [all variants] Error Mounting: (blah blah) error 13

    ok, Windows reads it fine and works with it like nothing is wrong. However, if I plug the drive into a *nix box, i get an error and it refuses to mount even as read-only. Here is what my Ubuntu...
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    Re: The new Microsoft threat


    please, please, please tell me you are joking
  19. Re: Apple asks court to ban Samsung’s Galaxy Note and Galaxy S III from US

    Honestly it is all BS. Courts have thrown out the lawsuit already, around the world. Even Japan did it... JAPAN. If Japan says Samsung, a KOREAN company didn't infringe, then you can rest assured...
  20. Re: Why isn't computer science taught in schools?

    Well I had computer science classes from elementary school up through HS (and, of course, college). I learned computer troubleshooting, programming, parts of computers, vertain programs (MS stuff,...
  21. Re: Valve Corporation's Steam is coming to Linux in 2012

    I think it will get more. The hardware is better. I don't know anyone with a MAC that plays any games. Everyone that I know who has linux plays games. You are talking about a completely different...
  22. Re: Valve Corporation's Steam is coming to Linux in 2012

    I agree. But I can hope, can't I? The trend is moving away from DRM. Apple is the first big company to make a big move (with their music service). DRM doesn't add any value. Personally, I'd...
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    Re: Bring the Olympic Flame home

    Nce, thanks for sharing. :)

    I wonder how long it will be before the olympic police shut it down lol. so hush hush people lol
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    Re: Are computers getting harder to use?

    I approve!

  25. Re: Any chance of Ubuntu doing something like MATE?

    So far, MATE has worked great. Gnome-fallback is FULL of bugs. I have to restart often because it kills programs if I don't click with the proper timing, and there are graphical artifacts, and lots...
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