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    Re: Simcity for not starting :(

    Just plain old simcity4. wine 1.6
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    Simcity for not starting :(

    I am new to ubuntu and have tried to install simcity using wine and several diffrent tutorials and have also tried playonlinux. they all have successfully installed but when ever i launch simcity i...
  3. Re: Need help running WINE program as admin

    The file was file:///home/oem/Desktop/supcom_fa_patch_1.5.3596_to_1.5.3599.exe and i did what you said but i got wine: /home/oem/.wine is not owned by you. ?
  4. Need help running WINE program as admin

    I need to patch Supreme Commander Forged Alliance but i get :error:unable to find version 3596. I found out that to get it to work if i were a windows user that i would have to right click the...
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