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    [ubuntu] 12.10 - Black screen D610

    I have a Dell D610. It was running 12.04 LTS and it was doing so without any issues. I then proceeded to upgrading to 12.10 and now I cannot boot up. Well more specifically it sometimes boots...
  2. [ubuntu] Ubuntu 11.04 PCMCIA Linksys WPC100 not working

    I have a WPC100 linksys network card. I have ubuntu 11.04 installed. My laptop is a D610.

    I have done a LOT of google searching and not seeing any solutions on how to successfully get it working....
  3. [ubuntu] Re: re-installing 9.04 or waiting for 9.10 in order to clean install

    Thank you for all that advice. It is broadly what I thought. I know 9.04 supports all my sound stuff becuase it did in the past before I installed SKYPE and it went all crazy.

    The only question I...
  4. [ubuntu] re-installing 9.04 or waiting for 9.10 in order to clean install

    I have been playing with my 9.04 install as I was having the well documented skype sound issues. When I did that I did loads of mods especially around the sound. It is all kinda of working but not as...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Networking USB Devices

    I have not found a solution as such, but I am looking into NAS/USB routers that have athe ability to make printers, external HDDs available. There is not another thread for that, that I have started.
  6. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] - Re: getting my PC to contect to my SAmsung LCD TV

    I just wanted to say that the resolution was a bad cable. I aparently bought a cheap cable. As soon as I got a decent cable all worked well again.
  7. [all variants] Windows and Linux NAS router backup solution


    I am computer literate but new-ish to networking and storage. I have the following:
    - 1x windoze PC & 1x Linux Ubuntu 9.04 PC
    - 1x external HDD that has been used to backup up a Windoze...
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    [ubuntu] Networking USB Devices

    I have now spent 2 weeks googling the following but have not found any conclusive solution.

    Bascially I have a couple of USB devices that I want to make available on a network. I have seen some...
  9. [ubuntu] getting my PC to contect to my SAmsung LCD TV

    PC = Dell Latitude 610
    TV = Samsung LCD 40" LE40556 etc
    Ubuntu 8.10

    I am trying to get my PC to link to my TV using a male to male vga cable. Note I will only use the TV as my monitor from time...
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