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    Re: Run Exact Audio Copy (EAC) on Linux

    You don't need EAC, Wine, or even Windows anymore to extract individual tracks from wav, ape, flac files with cue sheets.
    Use flacon, at or get it with apt-get:
  2. [all variants] Re: Any experience with Flacon Audio Converter? Does it affect sound quality?

    Just installed flacon. Now I no longer need WinXP to use EAC. Flacon has all the different audio file outputs, converting any large wav, ape, flac, etc file to individual files w tags(using the cue...
  3. Good Bye Win XP-don't need EAC-use falcon instead

    Years I've looked for in linux equivalent for EAC(Easy Audio Converter)to split wav files into individual named tracks with cue files, without having to use wine.
    Now I have used flacon, found at...
  4. [all variants] Set login password to "forget password immediately"

    Hello, Natty 11.04, Xfce4. When I mount a LUKS partition, it gives the option to "forget password immediately".
    Since the normal OS login process entails a password(which is still stored as...
  5. [ubuntu] Re: Intel Wireless Display (WiDi) Support for Ubuntu Linux?

    Try Totem, with plug-in "coherence DLNA/UPnP Client" installed(download separately), and configure it in totem.
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    [ubuntu] unable to boot from CD or Floppy?

    If above applies to you-
    Somehow my WinXP doesn't allow enough time for MBR to read/load a boot CD or Floppy-
    So-download 'BCDL', copy it onto a floppy with rawrite, or rawrite for windows, or dd...
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