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    Starting Unity from command line

    I have my netbook configured not to start gdm and X by default, instead it goes to a command prompt. I was wondering how I could start the Unity interface from the command line. If I use 'startx' I...
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    [ubuntu] Hide LUKS drive in Nautilus

    I have a LUKS encrypted partition that is setup as /dev/mapper/home during the boot process and mount at /home.

    When I open nautilus it defaults to my home directory and everything shows up fine....
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    [all variants] [solved] schroot run-exec-scripts replacement?

    Running x64 bit lucid but I have a few programs that will not function under it (though admittedly they are in the repos such as vncsnapshot). So I've configured a schroot install for a x86 base...
  4. [ubuntu] Unable to open documents from command line

    Previously I was able to open any document I wanted in the CLI by typing:
    open some_document.txt

    Now when I try to do this I get the following:
    $ open image.jpg
    Couldn't get a file descriptor...
  5. Problems with Gnome's Windows Text setting

    So I like a dark theme and I've been fairly happy with what I have setup. Recently however I installed a program that I could not read the logging window text in, it was too little against it's...
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    [ubuntu] Re: amarok 2 not working in jaunty

    This worked perfectly for me, I could either use Amarok2 or play videos in Firefox but not both. I followed the guide and made pulseaudio the first selection for the preferred output method.
  7. [ubuntu] Re: ubuntu 9.04 on ThinkPad T60, i can't see volume up/down notification

    Just add the line to your /etc/rc.local file before the
    exit 0 line.

    sudo gedit /etc/rc.local
  8. [ubuntu] Re: Firefox resizing automatically after launch

    Okay it's returned again and it now also happens in Thunderbird sometimes. I can restart in safe mode and fix it temporarily but it still comes back.

    Any idea what could be causing this?
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    Re: Intrepid : FIX Usplash / Get Usplash working

    How can you get one working if you only have the precompiled .so and not the theme source?

    I've tried variations of modifying my menu.lst vga= line, the lines in /etc/usplash.conf and still all...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Intrepid. Amarok. Hot Keys.

    I'm having similar issues. Though in my case NONE of the keys are working.

    I have installed the amarok script posted here, but this is only for Multimedia Keys, which my laptop doesn't have when...
  11. [ubuntu] Re: Firefox resizing automatically after launch

    AWESOME!! That worked! Thanks.:guitar:
  12. [ubuntu] Firefox resizing automatically after launch

    When I first launch Firefox it starts maximized on the Ubuntu start page. If I unmaximize it, the window shrinks down but as soon as I move my mouse over it the window goes to maximized again. Select...
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    [ubuntu] Change program launched by XF86Calculator

    Is it possible to change the program launched by by my keyboards calculator key (XF86Calculator). I have looked through all of the multimedia keyboard howto's and helps that I could find but most of...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Unable to change password

    duh ](*,)
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    [ubuntu] [SOLVED] Unable to change password

    I'm running a fairly clean install of 8.10 amd64 and I'm trying to change my password.

    When I run chpasswd as my user I get the following:

    $ chpasswd
    chpasswd: can't lock password file

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    [all variants] Re: Logitech Dinovo Mini Bluetooth

    I have one of these for my HTPC. The small size takes a little getting use to but no worse then any Smartphone.

    Personally I love it, it works much better then the MS Media Edition Keyboard and...
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    [ubuntu] Programatically enable\disable panels

    I'm using the ATI BigDesktop feature on my laptop. When I'm in my docking station I have a second monitor to the right. I like having a separate panel on it that usually only has the Window List...
  18. [ubuntu] Re: Volume change way high and almost silent at 50%

    Yeah this won't help the mute @ 50%, it just helps the dramatic jumps when changing volume from the keyboard.
  19. [ubuntu] Re: Volume change way high and almost silent at 50%

    I don't know what puts that setting there but that's where I found it. Maybe you could try creating it? I've attached a picture of what I see.
  20. [ubuntu] Re: Volume change way high and almost silent at 50%

    I don't know if it's the drivers or the hardware for the volume at 50% is basically mute but I have changed the dramatic volume steps.

    Open up Configuration Editor and then go to...
  21. [ubuntu] Volume change way high and almost silent at 50%

    I've used both Xubuntu & Kubuntu and with the volume control in them I could modify the steps that a key press changed it. With KDE you could hold down CTRL (i think) and get a single increment or...
  22. [ubuntu] Re: Pidgin crashes when connecting to MSN accounts

    I'm was having the same issue, use to work, now it doesn't. I removed everything and tried to reconfigure but the instant I add an MSN account it segfaults.

    I ended up fixed it by enabled the...
  23. [ubuntu] Re: Ibm TrackPoint 2 problem and 1 solution [scrolling]

    How to configure horizontal scrolling & back\forward in Firefox
  24. [ubuntu] Re: Ibm TrackPoint 2 problem and 1 solution [scrolling]

    Problem 3:

    Check out for how to configure the TrackPoint, it has specific info for the Firefox problem of going backwards when you don't want to....
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    Re: Ubuntu Hardy Freezes on Ultrabay removal

    I think the problem is that without doing the "echo eject > /proc/acpi/ibm/bay" or similar command you don't shutdown the power to the ultrabay.

    My coworker on gentoo can run the exact commands...
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