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    [ubuntu] Re: Ubuntu 10.04 Reboot randomly HELP

    I like zombie tech. I would get angry and spit on the floor and then stare at the screen with a look to pummel someone to a tenderized meat condition. After my little emotional bout with myself, I...
  2. [ubuntu] Re: Problems installing from USB

    Just as I thought. Find an older version of Ubuntu that supports 512MB of RAM. I believe versions 7,8,9,10.10 do.
    Your welcome.
  3. [ubuntu] Re: Battery Drain and Heating problem hp pavilion dv7 - 6c80eb

    Check the senors. Need a tool?
    It can report what piece of hardware is producing the most heat.
  4. [ubuntu] Re: Problems installing from USB

    Try a low memory install maybe without X11. Try Ubuntu version 7.
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    forum opinion -= wine =-

    Do you think wine is going to have an issue with software support as Windows XP life support ends with Microsoft?
  6. Re: I discovered an attack on a linux laptop. ACPI attack. 0% battery and not rechar

    A quick fix ubuntu does not tell the users to secure their root because root as a default password

    sudo passwd

    and I am smashing the space aliens with heavy rocks.
  7. Re: Problems after installing the latest NVIDIA driver for Ubuntu 13.10 and rebooting

    Just a question? Did you use ubuntu's video drivers or nvidia's drivers. When I had that video card I used to download nvidia's video drivers and install it in single console mode.
  8. Re: I discovered an attack on a linux laptop. ACPI attack. 0% battery and not rechar

    I think I solved the problem.
    I did the old classic partition technique.
    I make different partitions for
  9. I discovered an attack on a linux laptop. ACPI attack. 0% battery and not recharging

    A person would remote into the laptop somehow and mess with ACPI settings to mess with your battery functions. It also messes with operating installations by affecting a memory source in CMOS.

  10. Re: No suspend on lid close, no Fn keys unless running on battery

    I would just eat some soft serve ice cream and wait for April's update. What do I know I am just a computer operator not a linux movement person.
  11. trying to upgrade kernel 3.13rc8 from kernel source

    For some reason, I cannot compile the kernel anymore. It has something to do with some fingerprint driver or something. I was going to spit at my monitor because of this new addition from 3.12.4...
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    [SOLVED] permission denied accessing a folder

    I answered my own question and just documenting it here as a resolved issue that someone else may have.
    in your terminal type

    sudo xterm

    ..and now you are operating with root permissions...
  13. Re: Cannot format USB flash driver using Gparted

    did you give your application root permissions by running sudo first?
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    [ubuntu] Re: Unetbootin does not launch..

    did you install unetbootin from your distro? It is still available in xubuntu 13.10. Although it is outdated now because who using mandriva anymore?
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    [xubuntu] building optimized (arch) packages

    Is this valid to compile optimized packages for my computer architecture? I want the packages to be compiles with intel core 2 instructions and just not AMD64

    mkdir playbox
    cd playbox
  16. Re: Running Hearthstone in Wine o Ubuntu 13.10

    What is the size of your swap partition? You can try to increase the size of your swap partition to run it because you stated it requires a 2GB minimum.
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    [SOLVED] Re: ubuntu 12.04 toshiba p100

    I would try something simple and look at the speaker icon on the "task bar" and look for a little red X in the lower left hand corner. That means it is on mute and click on it to unmute it.
  18. Re: Considering Developing a Video Converting Tool

    *update Dec 15, 2013
    Here is a c++ shell script code that I created to do a mass convertsion of files in the current folder where a.out resides. Just use ./a.out * and it will pull all the files up...
  19. Re: Considering Developing a Video Converting Tool

    use can also use your gcc compiler too. It is called a shell application. It is kind of easy. You get the number of arguments and the argument array from main and basically 'Shell It Out' by using...
  20. [SOLVED] Re: can't access Ubuntu files from win 7 guest

    I had this problem too. I had to understand it was a virtual or "brain in a box" The only way to access files is to use external means. Such as using file servers or a physical USB drive.
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    [ubuntu_studio] Re: Audio interface with 8 inputs

    Easy. I would use a audio jack converter and maybe a few audio cables from the nearest computer store. Radio shack may have it all.
  22. [ubuntu] Re: GeForce GTX 760 Not Recognized and Drivers Issue

    Don't be shy. Download the latest Linux drivers from Nvidia directly. They are binaries that you may have to find a way to drop to a pure console environment to install, but it is worth the hard...
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    Re: File Transfer stall/freeze/hang

    Try bluetooth if you can it will be a lot better for you.
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    Re: Ubuntu encrypted install

    You need to find a way to mount the encrypted data. Boot up to a emergency disk mount the disk and extract your data.
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    Re: My thoughts on Ubuntu 12.04

    I take the gentoo approach. If something is broke then I recompile it. It helps because I noticed sometimes the OS would run 32-bit applications on the 64-bit os and it would crash out so I would...
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