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  1. [lubuntu] Webcam issue on Dell Latitude E6400 on Lubuntu 13.04

    I am unable to detect inbuilt webcam on Dell Latitude E6400.

    This is a used laptop, please tell me steps to detect webcam. I installed 'cheese' from the repositories however it only shows a blank...
  2. Re: No wireless on fresh install of ubuntu, even after wired update

    Hi Pedro,

    I am pretty new to Lubuntu as well, however suggest you to run queries 'lspci' and 'lsusb' (without the quotes) and post the output so that people may see which wifi card you are using....
  3. [lubuntu] Re: Ralink RT5370 error with Lubuntu 12.04 kernel 3.2.0-23-generic i686

    Hey this wifi device is working now. Thank you for all the support :D
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