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  1. [ubuntu] Where to install BlueGriffon from tar. file

    Tried searching for way to install BlueGriffon, but I don't understand where I am supposed to unzip and install program files after download. Can someone help?
  2. [ubuntu] Re: No system > administrative menu after fresh install

    Thanks. I have another question, don't know if I should post it in a new thread or not.
    I need a WYSWYG HTML editor like Bluegriffon, but I don't know how and where to install new tar. files after...
  3. [ubuntu] No system > administrative menu after fresh install

    I have reinstalled Ubuntu at least 12 times, it's no joke! I keep doing stupid things to mess up the sytem. One thing I have noticed is the want of a System > Administration > menu. I have looked...
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