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    [kubuntu] Gnash as apposoed to FLASH player

    Ok.. maby someone can help. I keep getting pop ups to install flash 10 but I have a AMD 64 which isnt supported by flash ten release so I heard about Gnash and downloaded the package file. I tried a...
  2. [kubuntu] Re: dell inspirion 1526 and sick to my stomach DRIVERS!!!!!

    i was FINALLY able to get the dell native wireless card working by finding the "DRIVERS'' link in the GUI menu.. clicked on it and WALLA! I am tooo po'd though for words having spent countless hours...
  3. [kubuntu] dell inspirion 1526 and sick to my stomach DRIVERS!!!!!

    I was having good vibes upon making my dell a dual boot.. Loved kubuntu GUI but the drivers are a nightmare. OK, The stock wireless card wouldnt work with Kibuntu network manager. I tried the whole...
  4. Poll: Re: How-To: Dell 1390 WLAN (Broadcom 4311 [14e4:4311]) for Laptops using ndiswrapper

    I have a Dell inspiron 1526 and am hosed.. I installed ndiswrapper and latest driver from Dell (R173592) for use with my wireless card (chipset is 14e4:4315). I run thru and sudo it, modprobe it and...
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