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  1. [ubuntu] Re: Cannot open Android camera JPGs: Failed to open input stream

    I am having the same problem. Any other ideas?
  2. [SOLVED] Re: Ubuntu 11.04 slow wireless with rt2x00usb drivers

    Thanks I will have to try this later tonight too. I am having many problems with my HP dv6 using the ar9285 wirless
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    [ubuntu] Spotty wireless after 11.04 upgrade

    It seems my connection is fine at time and then starts to craw at times after the upgrade to 11.04. I have and HP Pavilion dv7 and on an lspci I have the 03:00.0 Network controller: Atheros...
  4. [ubuntu] Re: Warning: If using WiFi Internet connection, do not install Ubuntu 11.04

    What was the experience? Did it work at all? Some of the time? Not at all?

    I upgraded from 10.10 to 11.04 using my wi-fi and had no problems other than not liking Unity. So I just logged out and...
  5. [ubuntu] HP Mediasmart Servers in Ubuntu Networks

    OK so I have an all Ubuntu network at home and was thinking of getting a HP Mediasmart server, but I can't seem to find any good info out ther for the all Ubuntu/Linux environments. I mostly want to...
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    Gmameui can't enable sound

    I have Gmameui installed and I can play some of the roms but the sounds is not working and when I go into the setting enable sounds is grayed out. Is there anything else I can do to get the sound...
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    [ubuntu] Ubuntu 10.10 live CD asking for login

    Why is the live cd of Ubuntu 10.10 asking for a login and what is it?
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    [ubuntu] Upgrade from 6.10 questions

    OK so here is my situation. I have a box running Ubuntu 6.10 and it has the following things running on it:

    -A few web pages for testing stuff

    I think...
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    [ubuntu] Webmin Command Shell Errors

    I need some help with my Webmin setup. I have tried the Webmin site but had no luck. I have had Webmin working fine for a few years now with one small problems that is only somewhat annoying. So when...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Upgrade to 10.10 failed

    I tried all that too and just had to end up doing a fresh install.
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    [ubuntu] Re: touchpad erratic hp pavilion dm4

    I am having the same kind of problems. My HP DV7 the touchpad is all one section that inlucdes the buttons. If I try to click right or left the mouse will jump to that section. I am not able to drag...
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    [ubuntu] Ubuntu 10.10 touchpad nightmare

    I have a HP Pavilon DV7 laptop everything was fine before the upgrade to 10.10. Now the touchpad goes nuts and I can not right click anything. This is one of those touch pads that is just one section...
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    [ubuntu] Upgrade to 10.10 failed

    So I have a netbook with the full 10.04 installed. It also has Windows 7 on it. Now the upgrade went fine at first but then it locked up. There was a window about grub in the background and the...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Wireless Nightmares with HPDV9005US

    And now its just working again
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    [ubuntu] Wireless Nightmares with HPDV9005US

    OK so I had this problem a while back and its now driving my nuts again. I have a HP DV9005US laptop and the wireless works fine for months. The other day I had to reboot and now no wireless. Amber...
  16. [all variants] Re: New Linux+/LPIC-1 Certification / Book Question

    Thanks for the update. I wish I had read this before I ordered the book. I choose The LPIC-1 book but I am sure it will be ok , just need to find the time to get started.

    Thanks again
  17. [ubuntu] Disable remove from panel on the trash

    Ok so I am going through some old baby pictures of my daughter over 15,000+ and she is only 3 years old.....

    Here is my problem. I am moving and sorting all of these and tossing some. I have...
  18. [ubuntu] Acer Asiper One D250 Will not wake after hibernate.

    I have an Acer Aspire One D250 and I have tried everything I have read about setting to change to get them to wake after hibernation. The only way I can get it to work is if I leave the netbook open,...
  19. [ubuntu] Re: HP DV9005US is not working with wireless

    here is the output of an lspci
  20. [ubuntu] Re: HP DV9005US is not working with wireless

    Anyone got any ideas?
  21. [ubuntu] HP DV9005US is not working with wireless

    I am not able to get the wireless working after a rebuild of my laptop, it was working before with 10.04 and I reinstalled 10.04 and now its not. I do an lspci and it is not even showing any broadcom...
  22. [all variants] New Linux+/LPIC-1 Certification / Book Question

    Ok so I have been using Ubunut for a few users now and thinking of getting my Linux+. While looking into it I noticed that now if you get the 2 part Linux+ you are LPIC-1. So the plan was to start...
  23. [ubuntu] Re: Is there a way to mount Windows drive when running Live CD?

    I tried a newer version of Ubuntu live CD and it mounted just fine.
  24. [ubuntu] Re: Is there a way to mount Windows drive when running Live CD?

    Here is a picture of the error
  25. [ubuntu] Is there a way to mount Windows drive when running Live CD?

    I have a friend of mines computer that is hosed and gets the BSOD. He has pictures of his grandson on there that her really needs before I fix it. Is there a way to mount the main windows partition...
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