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  1. using kwin in xfce4; how do I get numix window decorations ?

    I'm running kwin as a windowmanager in xubuntu. I also installed some qtcurve stuff.

    I'd like to use the numix window decorations.
    I've installed the numix gtk and kde theme from ppa but I don't...
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    Re: How to install kwin on xubuntu 14.04

    just have a look here
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    Re: Problem installing kwin on xubuntu 14.04

    I installed it and didn't need many packages
    look at this video
    I don't even know what language the guy is speaking but the description and video...
  4. [ubuntu_studio] Re: My experiences with U/S 14 LTS, and JACK... A Learning Curve.

    what you are trying to do is called el-cheapo
    and without hacking hardware it won't work
    If you really need multi-track simultaneous recording better buy a multi-track soundcard
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    [ubuntu_studio] Re: JACK will not start

    to check if pulseaudio is running give the output of
    ps aux | grep pulseaudio

    If it is running kill it with
    pulseaudio -k pulseaudio can sometimes block access to your soundcard

    to check...
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    [ubuntu_studio] Re: JACK will not start

    Seems to me you're trying to use the virtual midi card to play audio.
    -dhw:0 is the Virtual MIDI Card 1

    I would first try to use the M-Audio card as both input and output.
    If that works try to...
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    Re: How to install kwin on xubuntu 14.04

    I have a strange issue with kwin on Lubuntu
    I installed kwin, the package you need is "kde-window-manager".

    sudo apt-get install kde-window-manager
    You can start kwin from a terminal or press...
  8. [SOLVED] Re: Behringer UCA202 don't seem to connect to Jack

    Easy method : install qjackctl and configure jackd from there.

    IMHO better but a little more work : install kxstudio repos and use the AWESOME cadence utils.
    read all about it at...
  9. [ubuntu_studio] Re: UbuntuStudio 12.04 x64 - Nvidia Drivers problem

    For me, 14.04 is working very good. So I recommend installing a fresh 14.04 and after that, installing nvidia-331.
    Don't be alarmed if after installing the nvidia drivers the plymouth startup-screen...
  10. [ubuntu_studio] Re: UbuntuStudio 12.04 x64 - Nvidia Drivers problem

    If I'm not mistaken, ubuntu doesn't install restricted drivers by default so there's no need to purge nvidia drivers.
  11. [ubuntu_studio] Re: UbuntuStudio 12.04 x64 - Nvidia Drivers problem

    nVidia GeForce8300 GS (128MB DDR2 PCI-Express x16 (DVI/VGA) )Dell Inspiron 531

    open terminal

    sudo apt-get install nvidia-331

    after that reboot
  12. Re: Nvidia GeForce 8400M GT: Blank Screen after login

    Installed the drivers in lubuntu 14.04 on my 8300GS which had exactly the same problems as the 8400gm.
    They work GREAT! Have used them for one day; 3d games, compositing, wine. No problems so far
  13. [ubuntu_studio] Re: UbuntuStudio 12.04 x64 - Nvidia Drivers problem

    Installed the nvidia-331 drivers in lubuntu 14.04 , they work great, so far ! :-)
    I've done the following to test the driver:

    a quick game of Urban Terror
    run compton as a screen compositor
  14. Re: Nvidia GeForce 8400M GT: Blank Screen after login

    Can't wait to test this !!!
    I'll report soon
  15. [ubuntu_studio] Re: UbuntuStudio 12.04 x64 - Nvidia Drivers problem

    there's a problem with the 8300 and 8400 card
    Newer (304) drivers are NOT working, use the 173 legacy drivers or nouveau
    It's a card problem, not an ubuntu or linux problem. I can't even update the...
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    [SOLVED] Re: The endless problem with recording

    Setting up a proper audio environment is a bit of a hassle, once you got it running the possibilities are endless.

    It's a good idea to install the low-latency kernel
    keep in mind if you have a...
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    Re: How can I tell if my webcam is off? maybe
    or put a sticker on it, then you know it's not spying on you :p
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    [ubuntu_studio] Re: Ardour, Linux Multimedia Studio, or more?

    Rosegarden has midi, audio and instruments
  19. [SOLVED] Re: ffmpeg audio/video/webcamstream out of sync (simple solution)

    maybe you should post this in the wiki ?
  20. Thread: Xruns

    by luctor

    [ubuntu] Re: Xruns

    ubuntu(studio) 12.04 doesn't have any linux-rt
    I advise you to give the packages from kx-studio a try (, I've got very good results with it.
    Read on how to...
  21. [all variants] PC locks up when using 'restricted' Nvidia drivers | Geforce 8300gs

    Since a long time Nvidia drivers don't work with my computer anymore and I've sort of given up.
    Whatever Nvidia driver I install my pc locks up, sometimes immediately, sometimes after a few minutes....
  22. [xubuntu] Nvidia Geforce 8300 GS on Dell Inspiron 531

    please remove
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    [all variants] Re: Ardour 3 is here finally ..

  24. [xubuntu] Re: When ever I run Jack sound on everything else breaks.

    try killall jackd
    and/or killall jackdbus

    qjackctl is a nice gui to manage jack
    You might wanna add the kxstudio ppa's for awesome audio/multimedia stuff. They have a very good app called...
  25. [ubuntu] Can't add Facebook account to Gwibber due to security warning

    When I try to add my Facebook account to Gwibber I get the following message and although it says "Succes" my Facebook account isn't added to Gwibber.
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