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  1. [all variants] Adobe Flash plugin settings doesn't respond to mouse clicks

    I have the latest Flash player (10.0r12) and Firefox 3.0.4 on a dual-boot eee pc 901. In both Xubuntu Intrepid and the default Xandros installation, the Settings dialog that comes up when...
  2. [all variants] SOLVED: XPS M1330 Hardy: UVC module fails to initialize webcam

    (x-posted from

    I did a clean install of Hardy on an XPS M1330 with the thin display/UVC webcam. It...
  3. [ubuntu] Re: Dell XPS M1330 internal microphone not working after update to 8.04 Hardy

    Well, here's another clue: I noticed that there was no longer an option to select the source for digital input.

    Skype is what I'm using it for too, and I really needed to have things working...
  4. [ubuntu] Dell XPS M1330 internal microphone not working after update to 8.04 Hardy

    I just updated to 8.04 through system update, and now I get only a hiss from the integrated digital mic. This happens in every program I've tried, from sound recorder to the Flash plugin mic capture....
  5. Re: HOWTO: Encode video for a Cowon iAudio D2 (MP3 player)

    [bump] I have an iAudio 7 and would like to know, too -- although I haven't actually tried the D2 script yet, so I don't know what's wrong with it...
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    Eyejot video email: Ubuntu-friendly!

    Hope it's OK to post this sort of thing in the Cafe ... I'm not affiliated with, but I wanted to put in a good word for them here, because they were very responsive when I had a problem...
  7. Poll: Re: As a girl/woman do you find it easier to talk to other girls/women

  8. Re: Sub Notebook recommendations - Fujitsu Lifebook

    Better late than never ...

    I have a Fujitsu P1510D and Edgy runs very nicely on it, although suspend/hibernate don't seem to work for me. No time to mess with it right now, so I just shut it down....
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    Re: Your guide to green electronics

    Thanks for posting this! Too bad I just bought one of the more evil brands ... but at least I'll know for next time.
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