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    [SOLVED] Re: No Wireless on Ubuntu 10.10

    Don't forget to do

    patch -p0 < ../patch-name
  2. [all variants] Need help with GRUB2: Setup for dual-boot with Arch

    I'm thinking of dual-booting Ubuntu 10.10 and Arch Linux. It seems that I'll have to do some editing of the grub.cfg file, but I have seen numerous warnings not to do so. After a bit of poking...
  3. [all variants] how do i make firefox's network settings unchangeable?

    I need to set firefox's network settings permanently to

    Manual proxy configuration: port 8080

    I've tried a couple of lockPrefs in the firefox.cfg file (exactly where that file is...
  4. Re: HOWTO: Install Dansguardian on a single desktop

    I've got dansguardian working well with squid, except for the fact that Firefox's network settings can be temporarily changed (until ffx is restarted). I tried the following code in firefox.cfg as...
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