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  1. Re: Nvidia proprietary driver disables networking

    Seems that yesterday's update has fixed it. Oh well.
    Not using e1000e.

    Edit: Okay, this is still happening.
  2. Re: Nvidia proprietary driver disables networking

    Just restarting NetworkManager worked for me. Weird! Anyone has any idea what's happening here?

    Hmm... e1000e. Then it could be a different problem altogether.

    nekoyasha@Nekokoneko:~$ sudo...
  3. Nvidia proprietary driver disables networking

    If I enable Nvidia proprietary driver, I won't be able to connect to the network.
    Just updated from Hardy yesterday and it works fine. Only stopped working after I did some updates today.

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    Re: GIMP 2.6 release on FTP

    Ubuntu 8.04 i686.

    babl-0.0.22 compile successful.
    Cannot compile GEGL:

    /home/nekoyasha/Downloads/gegl-0.0.18/bin/.libs/lt-gegl: error while loading shared libraries:...
  5. [all variants] fontforge crashes because of missing bitmap font

    Fontforge terminates abruptly when trying to display an error window in Chinese.
    It also does so when I'm trying to let it display glyph images instead of character names.
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