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  1. Need gimicky (but fun) shutdown script

    Does anyone know how I'd make the computer shutdown if someone presses a button other than 'k' or moves the mouse?
  2. [ubuntu] A small design flaw in Ubuntu 12.04's window environment.

    When I try to access the "garden" directory on the bottom the "scroll left/right" bar gets in the way of my clicking.

    Is this going to be fixed in the...
  3. Re: What conditions do you think are required for the existence of consciousness? is useful if you're stuck on what the Sun is, but I'll help you out...go outside and look up!
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    Re: Is it cruel to keep pets?

    Ah yes because evolution is on a scale of centuries (/sarc)
  5. What conditions do you think are required for the existence of consciousness?

    I don't think possessing a brain is enough of an explanation really. I don't see why something can't be conscious in other dimensions or using other chemicals or reactions.

    Sometimes I like to...
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    Ender's Game Movie! 2013

    Just heard they're bring out a movie of the popular Sci-Fi book Ender's Game. Sounds exciting :D

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    Re: Is it cruel to keep pets?

    The people who think their dogs would not survive in the wild need to consider whether they would survive in a pack of about 60, that's how I imagine the numbers would naturally start off if they...
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    Re: Is it cruel to keep pets?

    Submissive is the only important thing really. Weakness isn't that relevant now that I think about it.
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    Re: Is it cruel to keep pets?

    So do you think your cat would enjoy freeloading off you eating processed food more than taking care of its own healthy litter in the wild whilst eating tastey raw flesh? I don't. There's risk...
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    Is it cruel to keep pets?

    Most dogs would be running across continents and looking after their own litters, not running around gardens and fields looking after their plastic toys. Don't you think it's cruel to confine animals...
  11. [ubuntu] Why don't any updates have negative size?

    Surely if the code is getting better then its size is going to be reducing?
  12. [all variants] Need computer to detect hard-drive automatically and run script

    i need to run a script every time i plug in my external hard-drive, but i don't want to have to click a file or paste a command into terminal, how can i make sure the script runs as soon as i plug it...
  13. [ubuntu] How can I host my files on the internet independantly?

    Lets say I have an html document on my desktop. How can I get this file on the internet so that whenever someone visits from their browser my HTML document appears?

    I've tried...
  14. What's the best program for string/text analysis?

    I want to analyse text documents finding things such as the most occuring characters and words and any other repetitions. Do you know any good programs for this?
  15. [ubuntu] How do I dedicate RAM/swapspace to a process?

    I've installed a game and it runs well under wine, but when I play it online or if I include bots then it lags quite a lot. I want to dedicate more processing speed to the actual game.
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    How do you get over GUI dependancy?

    I'm starting to learn to program in C++ and I can't really do more than one for loop without making a small GUI within the program to help me. I suppose the obvious thing is to just stop doing it so...
  17. [ubuntu] Re: How can I mass-create files with titles from another file?

    Suppose list.txt contains the information:


    and ls returns

  18. [ubuntu] How can I mass-create files with titles from another file?

    I have one file containing a vertical list of poem titles and I want to transform them into files, I thought it would be fairly simple for you guys so I'm asking rather than trying to figure it out.
  19. [ubuntu] I would quite like my desktop background to be an active terminal

    I was wondering whether this is ever likely to happen?
  20. Re: Can anyone suggest a good series to watch?

    Breaking Bad is pretty good.
  21. [ubuntu] Re: Can you browse the internet via terminal?

    I don't understand why it would be formatted badly. This is what most appeals to be about installing linux. Are developers uninterested in developing terminal-based programs? Should I move to a...
  22. [ubuntu] Can you browse the internet via terminal?

    I'm talking purely about reading text. What commands do I need to know?
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    [ubuntu] Re: canon pixma MP270

    This thread was extremely useful.
  24. [ubuntu] Laptop freezes ALL the time, please help

    Hi, is there some file that will tell me what caused it to freeze? I will paste it if you let me know where to find it.

    Also another question, a while ago my flatmate used to help me with ubuntu...
  25. [all variants] constructing a wireless security camera from inbuilt webcam

    i'd like to do this just for fun, i need some kind of emitter and receiver that can send 2 mega-pixels per second over about 50 metres. don't really know much about this topic. i could just google it...
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