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    [ubuntu] wifi keeps disconnecting

    I am looking for help to get the wifi on my laptop to connect with my college wifi system. The wifi on my laptop keeps disconnecting when trying to access the wifi at my college. It will only briefly...
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    [ubuntu] Re: wifi disconnecting

    The wifi works fine with my home network, its just at school that I have a problem. I agree that it has something to do with the authentication at my school, and something specific to this machine as...
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    [ubuntu] wifi disconnecting

    I am having problems with the wifi disconnecting on ThinkPad Edge E520 with Ubuntu 12.04. The wifi access is semi-public at a college. Initially I connect fine with a solid signal. As soon as I try...
  4. Any workarounds to alt tag bug in LibreOffice?

    I have been working on presentations in Libreoffice Impress, and discovered that there is a bug in Impress such the tagged pdf output does not correctly put the tags into the pdf. This bug seems to...
  5. [ubuntu] Re: LibreOffice can not save existing document to Windows server

    I've recently started a similar thread going over at the Libreoffice site ( Look for "Generalinput/output error when saving to...
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