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  1. Disable/Deactivate ubuntuforums account

    Please deactivate/disable my this account and remove all informations associated with it.

    UbuntuOne is closing down. So I'm closing my account there too. I do not wish to use these services...
  2. [ubuntu] Re: Making Non-Wacom tablets work in Ubuntu12.04

    Hi, I'm sorry for so late reply, I've been pretty busy last few days. So well I got a wireless mouse with the tablet, but i dont use it, neither I know why to use it. So it's packed in my drawer as...
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    [ubuntu] Cinnamon issues about appreance

    I installed Cinnamon along side Ubuntu unity.

    1. Right click on desktop>change background> leads me to cinnamon background changer in both Unity and cinnamon , but not to System's default...
  4. [ubuntu] Re: Making Non-Wacom tablets work in Ubuntu12.04

    nah, my pen can do all those what my mouse can. just gimp 2.8 is being buggy and qt developers are not listening to users, so no pressure in krita.
  5. [ubuntu] Re: Making Non-Wacom tablets work in Ubuntu12.04

    well the pen is calbrated it seems, i checked all four corners. My biggest problem is - my paint, gimp doesnt recognize it at first. What i mean is...suppose the tablet is plugged in, and then i...
  6. [ubuntu] Re: Making Non-Wacom tablets work in Ubuntu12.04

    Hi, I bought the tablet Finally. It's iBall 8060U which is rebranding of UC-Logic WP8060U.

    First of all, it's not working well. Or simply I dont know how to make it work. Works in mypaint, but...
  7. Re: Best alternative (opensource) of DreamWeaver?

    yeah, I have seen that already, but what the experts recommend?
  8. Best alternative (opensource) of DreamWeaver?

    Are their any alternative present to DreamWeaver?
  9. [ubuntu] Re: Making Non-Wacom tablets work in Ubuntu12.04

    By the way, I heard after 13.04, Ubuntu will be written in Qt - that means non-wacom tablets wont work in ubuntu anymore?
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    Wacom bamboo vs Wacom bamboo one?

    What are the technical differences between Wacom Bamboo series and Wacom Bamboo One series? :popcorn:
  11. [all variants] Ubuntu Customization Kit Need Advices

    Few days ago, I had to reinstall my Ubuntu (twice) and that was really tiresome process because I had to make 400+mb updates, and then remove unwanted packages and upgrade and install all my daily...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Nautilus-Wallpaper context menu

    i restarted nautilus many times. also rebooted my pc...
    I guess that extension is backdated or it is hiding for some reason...
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    [ubuntu] Nautilus-Wallpaper context menu

    I installed nautilus-wallpaper from software centre..but cant see any option about it in right click on an image....

    Ubuntu12.04LTS Unity 32bit
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    [ubuntu] ICC Profiles - should I install?

    while installing Gimp and Scribus, in the terminal i saw suggested packages are icc-profiles and icc-profiles-free. However, Scribus installs the icc-profiles-free. Should i install the icc-profile?...
  15. [ubuntu] Re: Making Non-Wacom tablets work in Ubuntu12.04

    Oh i see! What a bad luck :/

    Okay thank you a lot. I will inform in this thread if I have any trouble with my tablet :)
    Have a nice day :)
  16. [ubuntu] Re: Making Non-Wacom tablets work in Ubuntu12.04

    Those are very useful links, Not much for Krita but for other apps surely. Thank you :)
    Some days ago, I posted in Krita's forum...But I didn't notice she posted another solution there without doing...
  17. [ubuntu] Re: Help: Making Non-Wacom tablets work in Ubuntu12.04

    Thank you for replying. yeah that's right, i cant finally understand if there is a problem or not until i get the tablet. But well now i know it SHOULD work. And yeah I dont work much in...
  18. [kde] Re: Need some help with Ubuntu/Kubuntu Dependencies.

    But why I will need whole kde desktop for an app only?
  19. [kde] Need some help with Ubuntu/Kubuntu Dependencies.

    I reinstalled ubuntu today. There was no problem...until i installed krita from kubuntu backports ppa. Since then krita is not starting. It was in my computer even yesterday in old installation,...
  20. [ubuntu] Making Non-Wacom tablets work in Ubuntu12.04

    I am using Ubuntu 12.04 Unity. And I want to buy a non wacom tablet for my graphics works. Anyways, in different places and forums, I have read that non-wacom tablets doesnt work properly in Linux or...
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