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  1. [all variants] resume from hibernate and suspend raid card issue

    Spent long time to identify my resume issue. Hibernate and suspend works fine but resume fails.

    Installed HighPoint 2760A raid card and installed rr276x.ko module compiled from linux souce code...
  2. [ubuntu] Re: problems with wireless mouse & keyboard and kvm

    One more thing,

    BIOS sometimes has handoff EHCI under usb. Try this with on and off.
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    [ubuntu] Re: Hard Drive is not recognized

    Try Gparted.

    I had same experience. But in my case gparted recognized it. So make partition and and filesystem with Gparted. Then it mounted.

    After that I modified fstab to mount it.
  4. [ubuntu] Re: problems with wireless mouse & keyboard and kvm

    I had similiar problem.

    In my case, if I turn on Opteron powernow feature in BIOS, Mouse and Keyboard works strange with my Belkin KVM.

    Try turn off power management in BIOS and test it again....
  5. [ubuntu] Need help resume from suspend is not working.

    I tried to debug this issue more than a month. I need help!

    Suspend looks fine. But resume fails, pm-suspend does now show any wake messages.

    Suspend then led blinking, if I press keyboard, fan...
  6. [all variants] How to setup DKMS and Highpoint RocketRaid 276x


    I think that I might help someone with this. I was playing with HighPoint RocketRaid 2760A card and finally created patch to work with DKMS.

    I've tested with 12.04. And it works.

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