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  1. [ubuntu] Re: Connected on Network but no internet connection

    The system was set up to use localhost as DNS (and in reality it was using dnsmasq) NetworkManager should have written the information from dhcp into nm-dns-dnsmasq.conf.

    Bypassing his local...
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    [ubuntu] NM, dnsmasq, search List

    This might be the right forum, or not.

    Old stock DNS (nslookup, dig, ssh) etc would attempt to use each of the domains listed in the search list (/etc/resolv.conf) to find a given target given a...
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    [ubuntu] Re: faq? rtfm? Installation Help

    imagine that, installs with text and gui didn't work

    On 10.04 installs (with usb-stick,live-cd, DVD) fail to deliver a working system

    significant issues with radion device driver using...
  4. [ubuntu] Re: serial 18250: too much work for irq 17

    I have this same problem.

    No Modem.

    Modem-Manager installed on fresh (brand-new install) on both live-cd install and full dvd install.

    apt-get purge modemmanager.

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    [ubuntu] Re: faq? rtfm? Installation Help

    When I changed the grub entry ( grub.conf ) to "QUIET NOSPLASH ACPI=false" the unbuntu entries in grub2 were all foobar. [yes I HAD tested by adding "ACPI=false" to the end of the runtime entry when...
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    [ubuntu] Re: faq? rtfm? Installation Help

    ok. I see the logs. I read the logs.

    any hints as to what order things should complete?

    are messages such as "/etc/avahi/services not found" errors or info?
    is "/etc/gdm/custom.conf not...
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    [ubuntu] faq? rtfm? Installation Help

    Is there a document, wiki or webpage that might suggest the best way to approach identifying installation issues with regards to the current software?

    While I'm having a small amount of trouble...
  8. [all variants] Re: Can i switch displaynumber for a running program ???

    you could change the display number but why?

    When one runs an X-Window server on a local work station (reflexion, cygwin, linux) the display is set
    to {host-name/ip-address}:x.y. most often x.y...
  9. [kde] Re: I have Kubuntu, am disliking KDE and was wondering if i could replace it with Gno

    Apt-get is a nice command line method for managing software packages.

    You might get more mileage from using the Graphic version of the tool (System -> Administration -> Synaptic Package Manger) ...
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    [all variants] File Select usage Frustration

    I'll admit to a "smallish" problem that is an ongoing source of increasing frustration. It comes up on several different installations for me, however i haven;t seen it mentioned by other people, so...
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