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  1. [ubuntu] Re: Nautilus simple click mounting method at boot-time

    Unlikely, because ntfs-config is not even installed.
    Also, to run a simple mount command one must be root.
    I'm sure there is another way.

    I have two ntfs volumes. The one mounts all-right by...
  2. [ubuntu] Nautilus simple click mounting method at boot-time

    Hello all,

    I'm trying to find a way to auto-mount a couple of NTFS volumes at login (or even earlier if possible), not by editing fstab or running the (currently buggy for Maverick) ntfs-config...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Delayed sound in Flash Player 10.1

    Bump from me too (sorry JaradT if you had hopes when you saw there was a reply :/). I have 64bit Maverick. I tried with both the normal 10.1 flash in the repository and the 64bit 10.3 alpha version....
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    [ubuntu] Re: Cannot ping unless pinged

    That would be a reasonable explanation. Unfortunately I couldn't find anything related in any settings, not even using gconf-editor. Perhaps someone else knows? (oh yeah, *bumb* ^^)
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    [ubuntu] Cannot ping unless pinged

    Hey all,

    I have a local network of 2 computers: A desktop one, connected via ethernet and a netbook connected wirelessly to the router.

    The problems is this - It seems that I cannot access or...
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    [all variants] Re: PPA/.deb for Muse 1.0?

    I have problems compiling it on Karmic. Specifically, even if i do "export QTDIR=/usr/share/qt3", while configuring i get:

    checking for QT environment variable QTDIR... yes
    checking for QT...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Unable to animate gifs in Gimp 2.7.1

    I can't export animated gifs either. Any clues?
  8. [ubuntu] Re: 3G devices support broken in latest updates?

    hmmm found this....
  9. [ubuntu] Re: 3G devices support broken in latest updates?

  10. [ubuntu] 3G devices support broken in latest updates?

    Hey all
    I've been testing the alpha releases of Jaunty Jackalope and the Network Manager worked fine with my 3G usb modem (huawei E220). After doing an update last week, the modem at first refused...
  11. [ubuntu] Re: X server suddenly stops! and tries to restart every 2 minutes.

    *bump* :popcorn:
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    [ubuntu] Re: Mobile broadband

    libqt3-mt is a library for QT... Since you have some kde apps installed (and QT is a kde standard), you probably have this too.

    I manually installed the .deb files i needed for umtsmon and now I...
  13. [ubuntu] X server suddenly stops! and tries to restart every 2 minutes.

    After I did an update in intrepid yesterday (including the 177v nvidia drivers), X seems to stop working after some time of usage, trying around 5-6 times to restart, while showing up the...
  14. [ubuntu] Re: Unresolved Dependencies list for a package

    Does this work somehow with external .deb files or does the package have to be in the apt list already? I mean, how can I have an external .deb package in my apt cache if I can't install it in the...
  15. [ubuntu] Re: Cannot get 3g modem working Intrepid Ibex

    i have the same problem with my huawei e172 modem...

    Anyone resolved this? Any updated packages maybe?
  16. [ubuntu] Unresolved Dependencies list for a package

    I'm looking for a way to check offline ALL the unresolved dependencies of a .deb package (for instance, Blender: i have libc6, but i don't have libopenal, so i only want to know that i need...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Mobile broadband

    Same for me here for my 3G stick modem, i am also prompted to enter the PIN when I insert the modem but then I will just not connect. Network Manager 0.7 used to work fine when installed over the...
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    [ubuntu] 3G connection in 8.10 problem...

    Hello there...

    I have been using Network Manager 0.7 in alpha versions of Ubuntu 8.10. My 3G usb stick modem (huawei E172) was working quite well with it.

    When I did a clean install of the...
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    [gnome] Re: How to manually update Network Manager?

    Thanks, I eventually found which had a deb from the SVN version from October 8! I'm testing that!
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    [gnome] How to manually update Network Manager?

    Hello everyone

    I use a 3G usb modem device to connect to the internet, Huawei E172 (since ADSL is still not a choice in my area).

    I was using EarOS which is based on Ubuntu. I updated using the...
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    [all variants] Best Linux + x64 soundcard...?


    I'm looking for a soundcard that is as greatly supported and efficient as possible for/in/by PulseAudio, Ubuntu and preferably other distros too. I'm also looking for good x64 bit support. I...
  22. [ubuntu] Pulse Audio and M-Audio Audiophille 2496 - no sound!

    Hello people

    I haven't managed to get my Audiophille 2496 working properly with Pulse Audio in Hardy. It seems the sound card is working (i get no errors), but I have no output, no matter what I...
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    [ubuntu] ALSA weird messages with dmesg


    When I did ctrl-alt-F1 to switch to a virtual console, I was looking at the following line being repeated 10 times per second, unstoppable:

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