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  1. Poll: Re: Poll: Would you like to see a classic-looking ubuntu derivate?

    I want my computer to look all glitzy and gloumourous , so Gnome2 and human icons look so dull...:P
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    [ubuntu] Re: 11.04, the Launcher disappears...

    If you have compizconfig installed

    1. Open the compizconfig settings manager
    2. on the side menu Go to Desktop
    3. then Ubuntu unity plugin ... then from there you should be able to do...
  3. [ubuntu] Please help me with playing mp3 files on ubuntu

    i just recently started to use ubuntu , the problem is that i cannot play mp3 file when i try to play them i recieve a message " the rquest plagin MPEG-1 layer 3(mp3) docoder " unavailabe i really...
  4. Thread: need help

    by jmagundunui

    [ubuntu] need help

    i have been using ubuntu for a week , the problem is that i cannot play media file like mp3s ,avi etc , please help!!! :(
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