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    [ubuntu] Re: Brother MFC-J835DW Printer Install

    What I did for use the Brother MFC-J835DW under Ubuntu 12.04.3 LTS 64 bits

    I go to
    I downloaded LPR driver...
  2. [ubuntu] Ubuntu for home security monitoring

    I known it's possible to manager home security camera with Ubuntu with software like ZoneMinder.
    I would like more and use intrusion home hardware. For example open door detector, movement detector,...
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    [ubuntu] Ubuntu on VAIO Duo 11 Ultrabook

    Is it possible to install Ubuntu on a VAIO Duo 11 Ultrabook? Is somebody did it with success?
  4. [ubuntu] Problem for run mayavi python script on Ubuntu Lucid

    I install mayavi2 with the package manager and try to run mayavi python script on Ubuntu 10.04.4 LTS.
    The script look like this:

    # Create the data.
    from numpy import pi, sin, cos,...
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