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    [all variants] Re: AMD/Intel Hybrid Graphics works


    Having decided to try and deal with my graphics card after a half-year gap in trying, I attempted the method outlined earlier in this thread. I am now in the odd situation of the AMD card...
  2. [ubuntu] Help needed relating to UEFI booting - Precise

    This morning, when trying to press F10 when changing the switchable graphics card settings in the bios on my Lenovo ThinkPad E320, I pressed F9 and reset to default settings. This appears to have got...
  3. [ubuntu] Questions over temp. sensors on ThinkPad E320

    To begin with, I was looking at why my battery discharge under Ubuntu was around twice that of under Windows, even though I am running Ubuntu on a SSD. Although it could be CPU use, through using...
  4. [ubuntu] Help with Hybrid Graphics concerning Radeon HD 6630M

    I am hoping to install ubuntu on my ThinkPad E320, with the Radeon HD6630M Graphics card. I am installing it on an mSATA SSD which I have not yet received, so I decided that I'd attempt to tackle the...
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    [ubuntu] Natty S video to TV not working

    This is an Acer Aspire 5720, with a "Mobile GM965/GL960 Integrated Graphics Controller". Although I initially though this was a problem with my installation, so I ran both the Maverick and recent...
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