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    [ubuntu] Re: TV Tuner software

    You have to set up firmware or drivers(different things to do for different devices) to make it work before you get to the software. is a comprehensive...
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    [other] Re: HTML5 tutorial
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    Re: What is it that makes a language good?

    I agree that C is not "good" for the reasons stated, but if you want to get into the guts of Linux or most other major programs you've got to know it. If you just want to be a web programmer it's...
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    [SOLVED] Re: The program "Force Quit" is frozen.

    Congratulations, you have won the most ironical problem of the month award. The award is a boxed set of "The Guide To Recursive Programming".
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    [ubuntu] Re: Lirc stopped working after reboot.

    lirc Tainted
    Hope I am not talking out of my a**, but this seems like the kind of problem that just needs another reboot. If that doesn't work I try reinstalling lirc.
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    Re: PHP API for C or C++?

    The hundreds of PHP extensions are written in C (as is PHP itself). You could write your own and compile it into PHP.

    There may even be an...
  7. Poll: Re: What do you think the web will be like when HTML 5 comes around?
    (you need a nextgen browser to view such as ff4, or chromium daily build)

    The web will be able to approach the 3D experience of video games. That being said the...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Problem running script from cron

    It would be great if we had something in Linux would simply run a script that runs at the CLI. I've been frustrated many times with Cron, it seems to bog down sometimes from complicated scripts, but...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Lucid vs. Meerkat..

    Meerkat was a pointless upgrade. It's major significance was the Shotwell photo program was added -- and this is a trifle. All the updated libraries and programs only resulted in more kinks and...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Ununtu 10.10 and lirc remote not working

    maybe I'm just stabbing in the dark but maybe its a marginal usb port + the voltage to run a mouse isn't the same needed for the receiver. Try different usb ports. Or maybe there is some weird...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Ununtu 10.10 and lirc remote not working

    LIRC does indeed work in 10.10. I have a MCE remote working with it. Even if your remote was not supported, which it is, + lirc was not installed, the light in the receiver would still blink and...
  12. [all variants] Re: What will be a good html, PHP and CSS Editor

    I never found one I liked as much as Homesite that I used years ago in Windows, but Komodo Edit is the best I found. Gedit is useful too. It does a lot while being simple.
  13. [SOLVED] Re: php split string function, can collect into an array?

    foreach ( $words as $key=>$val )
    echo $words[$key];
  14. [ubuntu] Re: How do you setup the driver for a Philips based TV capture card?

    I must have answered a question like this about 10 times on these forums.
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    [ubuntu] Re: Can't watch .mkv/ffmpeg h.264

    Don't expect that because Windows can do it, that it can be done in Linux. The Linux drivers are making great strides but are only playing catch up to the Windows drivers. I haven't been following...
  16. Re: How does microsoft fall under 50% market share?

    If you are just talking desktop OS's, that's one thing but things are becoming more browser-centric and more device-centric.

    The new generation browsers, which are soon to be here, will approach...
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    [ubuntu] Re: TV card problems

    Different continents have different cards, I am in the USA, but I have successfully used a card w/ that decoder chip. As in the page you refereed to, I remember using a perl program to extract the...
  18. Re: Google's Bodybrowser -- You Gotta Check This Out!

    Yeah, I don't like the alpha/beta ff, breaking all the addons that I use. But you need not limit yourself to 1 browser. I have Chromium installed too, the daily build PPA. Anyways ff 4 is due...
  19. Google's Bodybrowser -- You Gotta Check This Out!

    If anyone doubts that Google is at the absolute bleeding edge in computing...check out the bodybrowser.
    This is a groundbreaking and very significant web application. It's at...
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    Re: How to achieve this in CSS?

    Web fonts are pretty limited. You could make an image of the the text created in oo.
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    Re: - what do you think?

    This website is done by the same people who do

    If I a have a programming problem and do a search on it and a stackoverflow link comes up, it will probably be the first...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Pandora Radio App/Widgit?

    Pithos. I like it a lot. Best thing is that it doesn't use flash.

    more info:
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    Re: Terrible experience with Hibernation

    Hi Nigel, thanks for the great work you have done. It has made a big difference for me. I had much frustration and wasted a ton of time until I found Tuxonice.

    It's been awhile since a kernel...
  24. [all variants] Re: skype can only see pulseaudio, but not alsa devices


    Pulse is the sound server, while Alsa works w/ the hardware layer. So Pulse supposedly gives you sound control per each app. To me it doesn't seen to do that much but add complexity to the...
  25. [all variants] Re: skype can only see pulseaudio, but not alsa devices

    Thanks Ireneshusband. I just did a clean install of Lucid and you solved a problem for me. I streamlined your steps though:

    1. Turn PulseAudio autospawn off, normally: $ echo "autospawn = no" >...
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